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INFO and eligibility. And we're back and. We're continuing to follow the story of what happened all that. P P P money that money. That was a earmarked for small businesses to protect the PAYCHEX. Employees Yeah the PEOP-. paycheck protection programmer payment plan. But yeah, the idea is basically to keep. People employed by small businesses and there's a there's a really good case study a recently in a I. Guess Popular. It's about a guy named. What is it Monty? Monty, yeah, you know he's just a regular man of the people with the name Monte Yeah. I mean look everyone named Monty i. just think old Monty Burns. burns I love Monty. I love him. He's been a great supporter of the president. You know he owns three companies that basically work in the hospitality industry fucking does did to over two billion in revenue last year, just killing a game or twenty hotels seven thousand fucking people employed. Employed and then the pandemic hits cuts, ninety five percent of his staff, and still takes fucking P P P money to the tune of ninety six million dollars. Now, Jesus we've keep hearing about this shit because there's like Ruth's Chris People. Like why the fuck are you taking this money? You're shake shack and a lot of companies were shamed into giving their money back because the thing that they don't talk about which is another reason why we? We absolutely need to get money out of politics as lobbyists help, even craft this this kind of recovery legislation, and in this one they put in a nice little provision that says if you have a location that employs five hundred people are less. That's a small business. So even if you are a massive company, you can apply for each location as a company or as an entity because they employ less than five hundred people and this man. Man Monty was using that exact. You know loophole to collect ninety six million dollars and cut over ninety percent of his staff. Now that money is meant like we all said to keep. The whole reason is to keep people employed, so they're not going on unemployment than these small businesses can ask for subsidies from the government to absorb that hit and the government's like. Hey, if you spend seventy five percent of this money on like payroll expenses. We like then the debt will be forgiven. But based on everything we're seeing from Monte. This do just took the just taking the cash and writing medium posts about Ha. Ha Like I was poor a long time ago, so fuck y'all money, a yeah. Yeah, I mean it's so if you spend seventy five percent of the money on paychecks. You don't have to pay it back and he's like yeah. I'm not GONNA do that. Instead on a fire, ninety percent of my employees, and then pay out dividends to holders of preferred stock, whatever the fuck that means it just means like basically finding a way to make rich people richer. Rather than taking that money from those dividends and putting it back into your fucking company, or we talked about like buybacks that were a big thing that we've talked about for a lot of the companies. I got tax cuts during the trump tax cut. That money should if you were if you were worth of fuck, you'd put that money back in your business, you can keep people employed rather than being like well. The revenues down if I cut this off, then I can get ninety six million from the president. Just pay that back over two years. That's essentially what's doing now. The thing that's really fucking disgusting about all of this is this man goes to medium like every great thought. Leader does to defend their bullshit in an really really sincere essay There's some really great excerpts that one cat pulled out. What he's like one of the opening paragraphs talks about like why. This isn't like you know why. This bailout is fine, and this is what he says quote. Some politicians are too concerned. Whether proposed government programs help small businesses rather than quote, big businesses or individuals instead of quote corporations. They seem terrified. They'll be accused of bailing out in industry or certain companies. Is it preferable for a large business like Marriott to lay off hundreds of thousands of workers, so we can say we helped only small businesses interesting. okay, interesting point then he goes on to say will now let's mix some xenophobia. This crisis was caused by either the purposeful or negligent actions of a semi hostile foreign nation. This is not a normal market. Condition goes on to say. Why is Washington protecting the Chinese? Why am I allowed to legally pursue an American citizen? Her Company, but the Chinese government is off limits. WHY DOES WASHINGTON? Washington care more about a communist regime than it does about its own citizens great trump tactic that he's using their and then finally really great one to sum it up. Media concerns over our receipt of funds misplaced. The PGA program was specifically designed to help companies like ours as part of the national objective of shoring up businesses and getting people back to work, but you are not doing that. Right you taking the money hiring everyone ti money and using it as a low interest loan to you know just using it the wave. Really wealthy people use money to make more men for themselves makes me so mad. Let me so mad. Because my dad, he's a small business owner. He had to shut down all his stores. Obviously, it's like a clothing store. He has one store open cell's medical scrubs, and that's been a really important thing for like obviously people are. Washing their clothes more often because they're if they're working in the medical field, but he's been struggling a lot. He hasn't gone any financial help yet and. A lot of his employees like he's trying to pay them as much as he can. Because they a lot of them relied on that. PAYCHECK, but. The fact that people like this fucking. Awful person is like getting so much assistance when he doesn't and using it the wrong way. It makes so enraged because I did firsthand. How businesses are suffering? It's awful. This is class warfare. This is saying this is. Money should go to you to help you help your father help. Other small business owners because the thing is the government, and these wealthy people are exploiting our willingness to be humane to our fellow human to excuse their greed, and they know okay well if these people will take care of each other, because they don't have shit and they, they're already treating each other humanely I'm gonNA. Take this cash and fuck off and laugh my ass off to the bank while in my medium post, say actually I'm only getting seven hundred thousand dollars in. In my salary this year because I took a big pay, cut each shit. These are the fucking people that are stealing from us, and they laugh all the way to the fucking bank and I. Think you know it's I really hope that out of this. People Begin to see what these sort of manifestations are in our day to day lives when we're trying to help smaller, the little guy quote, unquote and we have the, but the system is set up for assholes like Monty to swoop in and pick up their ninety six million dollar, check and fire everybody. Yeah empathy, if any get, but the thing is they get away with it like that's what's enraging..

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