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Yeah. Welcome to the Peter King podcast. Right. Tried to tell you about football and life. But this one's going to be short on life. This was going to be very long on football. Because as I record this after ten o'clock on Tuesday night, March twelve the NFL has gone headlong into bedlam over the first two days of this free agency negotiating period and trading period. We're going to talk about the Odell Beckham junior trade, but I wanna tell you a little bit and pardon me. I'm a little sick this week. But I want to tell you a little bit about our guests. I'm gonna have to Rosenhaus agent to the stars. He's going to discuss the Tonio Brown trade. The rob gronkowski status Willie retire won't he and what the Antonio Brown trade might mean to the. To the long term future of the NFL as it relates to big big stars were also going to have Todd mcshay the ESPN draft analyst, you know, it's crazy how things happened so quickly and the new cycle just goes on and on keep spinning and spinning. But by the time you hear this. You're gonna be wondering, hey, I wonder how Cuyler Murray didn't is pro day at Oklahoma. That's sort of a big deal for the guy. Who's got a very good chance to be the first pick in the draft. So we're gonna talk about all of those things in a moment. But first I want to get into a little bit of what exactly happened and how the New York Giants seven months after signing Odell Beckham junior to a record setting contract for a wide receiver just seven months and after twice. Ice the general manager of the New York Giants Dave Gettleman said we did not sign Odell Beckham junior to trade him. So why in the world did the New York Giants trade him? And secondarily, why in the world of the New York Giants trade him for a good, but not great safety young safety Gibril peppers. Of mid first round pick the seventeenth picking the draft which the Browns have in the April draft and a late third round pick actually the last pick in the third round the last regular pick the ninety fifth selection in the third round which the Cleveland Browns own from the New England Patriots from The Danny Shelton trade last year. So I think everybody could sort of understand why the giants might want to do this to reasons. Pat Shurmur the head coach of the giants last year, basically said I really want a chance to coach Odell Beckham junior. He's a great talent. I wanna see what we can do with them. And Odell Beckham junior is is difficult. He's a tough guy to have on your team. There's no question about that. I guess what? I maintain. Chain about this is I'm sure that that patch Shurmur who had to sign off on this deal. Pat, Shurmur, basically said this guy's pretty tough. And if we can get something good for him. I wanna start a new now one of the guys who was part of the drafting process in two thousand fourteen when the giants picked del Beckham junior. Mark Ross was on NFL network on Tuesday night. And now, here's a guy who helped draft Odell Beckham junior. And so he said on NFL network. There's no one more distracting than Odell even on his best day. So although I understand how difficult Beckham is..

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