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I just love how one will speaks it's like oh my lord i i i i i valotti you guys i i concur like we need his approval is unbelievable the rookie himself sitting up there talk at like he knows is unbelievable bungalows from it is it is actually cute to what is actually whether you need to tell us about sport believable non kit ball and let himself please whatever you there now you stealing maligned because that's what i've been saying about you for about a game at st whatever cowboys fan even young lucky here relented on this show your eyebrow boyfriend you're lucky even allowed on his show nazis did ask o o that role the second week of the college football player rankings were unveiled last night here to break it all down our guy paul find bomb on this so paul gray molly bollywood up we're excited we got some good football this weekend the first i wanna get into the rankings with you so here is the top ten we got georgia alabama notredame clemson oklahoma tcu miami wisconsin washington auburn did the committee get it right well for now they did and now will they get it right at the end is all that matters and it's a work in progress in the old cliches it's interesting the top four not a great deal different other than penn state in ohio state saying goodbye clemson i think if you start with alabama georgia i think both of those schools are in great shape if they run the table no that's an issue with auburn a header georgia and obviously auburn ahead of alabama as well but i believe that if alabama georgia run the table in the sec championship game and it's a good game they are both going to get in i mean you look at the loss to either want if against the number one number two team in the country so i would move them aside if you play this game and then notre dame with a win against miami in stamford there in where i'm going here is it clemson could around the table and get in oklahoma would have to wait for some help assuming it'd beach tcu and wins the championship game.

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