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Of he said content. Marketing doesn't work. My response would be. Are you creating the right content because if you're creating content that's valuable and your audience wants it. It will lead to sales. But if you're not getting the numbers that you expect to get you've got to start by taking a look at the content that you're producing right. Is it a value to the consumer. And that's we're putting yourselves in the shoes of your audience understanding who they are. What their fears and motivations are and what they need to solve. Their problems becomes critical to your success in the space because if the content that you're producing doesn't solve that need why would they turn to you for a more expensive product in the end interesting and now in context of privacy euless just to kind of scratched the surface a bit. He said let's do collected email. That's the typical mantra from marketing. People and then i bring in a hardcore privacy. Professional who says venue. Evan are you can get the email but only an email about the webinars nothing after that. Do you face that. And how do you tackle it if your face that because diplomatically. Those people would even is sometimes Clearly not linked double. I would say okay. Dozen bubby now but tell them. Would they like to receive more emails. What do you do that. How do you saw it. I think it's the it depended on what the content of the webinar is. Typically if you're doing a webinar not not because there's two different types of webinars you can do but if people are ten webinar usually people who attend webinars or already familiar with with you in some set so if we're looking at a traditional funnel your webinar is in that sort of consideration stage. You're moving slowly down closer to the sale when you do the follow-up communication with that it could be along those lights of you know asking for the sale or here's a trial offer. If you're a sas company you know you get it for thirty days. Free something along those lines so you can keep along that. Oh by the way when you get that sas if they're trying it out you're have to create a profile in order to try out the the sas If it's a service along those lines so when we again when you're doing a webinar they should be pretty far down..

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