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Wrestling, Trish Stratus, Hulk Hogan discussed on Jim Beaver's Project Action


<hes> during the rumble was like oh no what if people nobody knows who i am anymore like it's been so off but so it was kind of almost a relief in a way <hes> but yeah wrestling has changed so much that being back there watching those girls and how athletic and just amazingly talented wanted they are is so inspiring for me and thankfully i'm not trying to wrestle with them now. Because there's no way i could hang but <hes> it's you know it's cool yeah. Well and i want to go back kind of the beginning. 'cause we're going to talk about it because i think you and there's a lot of other women that have kind of helped pave the way for for where we're at today and pro wrestling but how how do you get your start because i know you're an athlete in high school and things like that. I always like to know <hes> you know. I had natalie marie on a few weeks ago and we were talking about kind of her gateway and i'd like to know your gateway into pro wrestling because everybody gets there a different way. You know what i mean. I mean how how did that. All those doors ultimately end up opening for you. Gosh <hes> kinda weird. I never really watched growing up. We didn't have cable growing up. I was a small town and my boyfriend was a huge wrestling fan. We had moved to los angeles and i was pursuing fitness. <hes> like modeling doing uh-huh shoots for magazines and stuff and pursuing an acting career and we went to a wrestling show got backstage. I met some of the wrestlers and it just so happened that the agent that i had been working with with hulk hogan's agent and kevin nash remembered me from a fitness magazine it was like like he approached me backstage and he you know the magazine he was like you know we have the storyline with ric flair his son and we just you know you're fit and we thought maybe you look the part and maybe you could just you do some kind of story line and i. I was very hesitant because it's like a very ah very it's kinda scary coming going backstage with all those big wrestler is is very intimidating and you know the starving actress and i'm like okay why not i'm gonna try this and it just really seeing seeing all these little towns that they were flying me to. It really became addicting really really fast and i was probably a mistake trish. I remember i started in w._c._w. And i had a was still so doing fitness modeling and i had a shoot with trish stratus and i remember her asking him questions on how i got into wrestling and it's like i can put a word it for you w._c._w. And she's like i wanna be w._w._f. At the time and i was like really people people watch this really and she's like <hes> yeah. I wanna do it and that's what i really feel like her and i came in around maybe six to eight months apart but we were probably the two like fitness girls that really we started kind of this whole era of starting to bring in fitness girls yeah well and you guys actually got to the point where you could wrestle because i mean there was a period there were women we're really big on wrestling and then it went went into this thing where there was it was just a lot of other stuff you know the women involved in wrestling and i i feel like you're part of that generation that brought the wrestling back so to speak well kind of kind of yeah..

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