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Um she fall for you. I promise not to spend any more time on this After this. I just feel responsibility to fact check things and present the information the truth as best as I know it to the audience. You know. Michael Porter Jr was in the N B, a bubble Denver Nuggets forward and said the Corona viruses you know being used to control us or something like that. And I thought the Nuggets actually handled it. Well, they said you no way express their We allow our players the right to express themselves and say what they want. But we're goingto take Michael aside and maybe educate him a little bit more on what he was saying. And the ramifications of what he's saying given its platform. And you know to make sure he knows that his words matter, and you can't just say things that I mean you can you have the right to say them, but you can't just say things that aren't based in reality or are based on baseless conspiracy theories. Like I said at the You know, earlier in the show respect anybody's different point of view. What I will not respect are just baseless Conspiracy theories? No, you know, with no truth to them. You have to bring fax and an actual you know, supported with reality. I won't you know, except, ah, an alternate reality. As a legitimate point of view, and I won't accept hate as legend point of view, everything else. We're fair game. But hey, the caller talking about cell phones in China and the like, so wanted to make sure I looked it up. That was based on a YouTube video. Apparently. That claimed that the you know all that was linked together with the deaths in China and what was happening in the government there. Apparently 21 million subscribers, cellphones hadn't actually vanished. Literally. It was the number of mobile subscriptions that were canceled. People that we're doing business there. Stop doing business there. Migrant workers who were going over cancelled their work region mobile subscriptions. Various other reasons for that, but point is Phil. Just trust a YouTube video. Don't just trust the mean you see on Facebook. Just look things up and think for yourself, That's all Look, things up. Think for yourself. Have your own point of view. Jonathan Isaac call brought up Jonathan Isaac. He has his own point of view. That's cool with me. One thing you know, Like I said, I didn't understand quite the logic and how he answered some of the questions. That's okay though I did. I do agree with him that ultimately Messages on T shirts and kneeling aren't going to solve the issues. Ultimately, that's true. That doesn't mean they can't still be important to keep a message at the forefront. But that's that's up to each individual and how they want to express themselves all right back to sports. Since there are actually sport I mean, that is sports. It is related to sports. Nowadays, that just the way it is But since there are actual sports being played 855 to 124227 namely you know the NBA to me. I was proud. I was proud of how the MBA returned and not about the you know, I thought the demonstration that I was just referencing. You know, most of the league has knelt and locked arms. I felt that was beautifully done. It just was, you know, tastefully done, but everything about the league's return. How seriously they've taken this pandemic so that they can have a schedule today. That's heat Nuggets at one. Jazz Thunder 3 30 Pelicans Clippers at 66 years. Pacers at seven Lakers Raptor at 8 30 That sounds great to me. I'm excited about something. It feels good. It feels so good to be back. I'm like, actually excited about something in life, uou. And that's because they took it seriously. That's because you know that they created this bubble. They communicated with one another and said, Look, there is no outcome. That's ideal here. So do we wanna have a season or do we not want to have a season? And they decided together the players and the league they want to have a season. Now they're having one. And the presentation. I think it's been great. I know the way they didn't allow for open spaces. It doesn't feel empty. My eyes were drawn to the court. I like the ambient sound that they've pumped in. It just makes it makes me it's enough for my ears to be tricked to not realise there's no crowd and the virtual fans. I'm like staring at it. So, like I said, my eyes were drawn to the court. I don't even notice when I was watching that fourth quarter of the Clippers and Lakers. I completely forgot there was no fans. I was watching the buck Celtics game last night and that controversy over the honest charge that was reversed to a block and Marcus Smart said that it was reverse because it would have been. Johannes is six foul and they wanted to keep him in the game. I didn't notice. There's no fans. I didn't notice. And the players are locked in there. Competing with that great games that Portland finish was great yesterday against the Grizzlies. Lakers Clippers was amazing at the end, with LeBron guarding Quiet and Paul George The Bucks and Celtics. I just mentioned the Rockets and the Mavericks going ot last night. James Harden, 49 points. Russell Westbrook, 31 on the other side, Christophe supporting his 39 points, 16 boards to steals. He's been a monster in the bubble by the way. I think he's one of those guys that benefited from the time off because it's now like almost two seasons removed. From his injury. Anthony. I hate Tio. Pour the salt in the wounds. But does it still bother you? You know, just like Tim Hardaway Jr was the second best player in that, Nick straight. All right. Come on, Robin, Cut it out enough over there. Like it must bother you forever. I'ma need Hardaway Jr go for in that game last night, you know 24. 24 5 points, 33 and four tickets had 39 16. And then just to make it even worse. Trey Burke, who was on that next to was was once coach, Thibodeau turns this thing around off. Forget all about prison Gets another another stuff. Sure. I can't believe that trade to this day, But you know you have the games have been great. Yeah, She's been great on the court, so I I almost feel a sense of pride as an MBA fan there back. I don't have to feel bad about it. And LeBron asked that, he said. He said that after the opener, he said, I hope our fans are proud of us. I am I'm proud of the league..

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