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Trust no one that yourself see again this is the mother's day eve show i want you to think about the times when you've taken a big risk maybe you put up money to start a business maybe you put it down payment on a house and you could get that foreign you're thinking boy i sure hope i can make the more you know the mortgage payment this is what happens you get to that moment but then this is the part that i really like and i want to close the the brake on this before he tossed the michael should pay because to be talking about you know sexual predators and the women and him crying and breaking down and feeling that he can't go through it and making jokes and and i mean the the speech is extremely comprehensive clearly he's a journalist who knows how to put things together but here it is pay close attention to yourself and to your teaching persevere in these things for as you do this you will ensure salvation both for yourself and for those who hear you and then he went on to say that he was quoting the bible that's timothy timothy four sixteen now if anybody see that's why i love the accountants because and again for those of you just tuning in i'll just keep saying over and over at some point the number and i are going to create a monique marvez show lexicon so whenever we talk about the way back machine you know we're playing a song from the sixties or seventies or maybe as far back as the ink spots we have the way back machine and we have the accountants and one of the things i like about the accountants is that they pick and choose they pick and choose life to them as a store they don't have to say like i'm all catholic or i'm all jewish or i'm all they quote the bible and buddha and stuff that's written on the outside of a lululemon bag or some nice affirmation they got over organic fruit at whole foods whatever it takes.

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