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Six six five four four my family eight six six five four four six nine three six what's that noise what is that word of a crash on the westbound side of the one of five coming up on prairie they haven't given any details yet so if you see what's going on there the traffic tip line is eight eight eight five hundred five thousand three pretty heavy brake lights coming away from central over towards Perry on the two ten freeway westbound side just before you get to help that grass is gone for the two right lanes to drive is still recovering from the six oh five in the eastbound side is still a bit sluggish there from leaking over towards health and then the westbound side of the one thirty four is that's going on just before you get to Figaro and that's going to say it's on the outskirts of one a one they did get the stock car outweigh the transition out of the one on one but now there's some car westbound when the thirty four act when a visit that's blocking the left lane adding to that drive and the good news in the new health past they cancel that secular five freeway northbound side just before you get to the fourteen the truck bypass lanes in the three right lanes the mainland have all been reopened C. drive is much improved through their eyes southbound side have the fourteen issue coming up on golden valley they just have to crack to the shelter so some minor brake lights at that point but better before you get to the five the topic of what is about to buy Pechanga resort casino your perfect combination for me it's full time pedicures and poker spot shopping sushi whatever you love to do you'll find more ways to escape the jungle resort casino in Temecula from the southern California Toyota dealers traffic center we make it easy I love being with T. mobile because they completely changed the game when it comes to wireless they put their customers first and they listen to them that's what makes them the un carrier they don't follow the trends of wireless they actually make the transit lead the industry.

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