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Friday. America is listening to Fox News. Now you away I local news Texas Governor Greg Abbott is warning of a state wide shutdown of people keep flaunting the mask requirement to slow the spread of Corona virus. Hospitalizations in caseloads, keep breaking records and Abbott told 11 TV station quote. The death that we're seeing announced today and yesterday, which you're now over 100 those air people who likely contracted covert 19 in late May. The worst is yet to come as we work our way through that massive increase in people testing positive unquote Abbott is announced. Federal resource is will You brought in to assist with medical needs in Texas as Corona virus cases continue to surge Additional resource is including urban Area medical task force from the U. S Department of Defense that will arrive in Houston on Monday and a disaster medical assistance team from U. S Department of Health and Human Services that has just been deployed. His resource is at two a deal, the Urban medical task force that began operating in Bear County, as well as seven federal assessment teams operating in Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Macallan, Laredo and El Paso this past week. San Antonio's Fiesta, 2020 has been cancelled. Organizers announced that the annual party will not happen this year is president of the Fiesta Commission. We all know what happened in New Orleans with Marta. You know they had a huge outbreak after Mardi Gras Yes to has already moved from April to November, and this is a big blow to the city's economy. The event has a $340 million economic impact on San Antonio and supports 3500 jobs. Corpus Christi is denying a permit for Trump supporters gathering at the Salina statue. City spokesperson tells me they will not allow the event to happen. Citing Corona virus pandemic. Selina's family sent a cease and desist letter to the organizer earlier this week, the organizer says he doesn't care..

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