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Rewind which runs Saint Pierre sponsored by hair as senior care services the Middletown woman's death after crash into a toll plaza on the Newport bill bridge on Sunday what island state police reporting they indicate that the victim was merry Clark seventy two years old the crash which is being investigated reportedly happened at about twelve thirty PM on Sunday of course it was a big headache on the pill bridge to on Friday according to the Newport Daily News a hole in the pill bridge caused huge traffic back up fifty year old concrete deck on the Newport Pell bridge shows again and again that it needs to be fully replaced sometimes posing a major inconvenience for motorists pro Joe saying the extent of the inconvenience on Friday morning during the rush hour into Newport was weights install traffic of up to one hour and twenty minutes vehicles were backed up across the Jamestown bridge if you were stuck on it you don't need to be reminded about it the most recent indication of the decks age came Thursday afternoon when maintenance workers on the bridge discovered an eight inch diameter diameter spall they call it in the east bound passing lane that you could look through and see the water far below sure chunk of concrete broken off the deck causing the hole and that caused major major backups big headaches police have identified the suspect in the deaths deadly westerly shooting as we hear from Britney Schaefer from Eyewitness News at Avenue residents heard the moment Vincent Sebastian was shot and killed Saturday afternoon I heard a shot during the day and what I did is I just looked out the one I didn't see anything and then and within a half.

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