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And this is your story or your life podcast this podcast where I talk about true crime and compelling persons of interest, so thanks for joining me. You might have found me on my youtube channel, which is a great way to get the latest episodes youtube, format. And also you can get my other show called drowning verdict, which is true crime in depth, sophie, sub me there. You'RE GONNA get those shows. Suze come out. To great way to be part of what I do, some always trying to deliver the best content I can't for you at the time that can do it and I gotta go with what I got. I look for new nuggets of information. Something that if you haven't heard before and I can share with you. Maybe can even share it with France. If you think the contents could have Kim always trying to let deliver bigger and better if I can. Thanks for your support. If you've checked me out on my co page, really appreciate that because you can just be more involved with the show that way helped me grow. Get better equipment etcetera. I'm also available. Where you get your podcasts whether it be iheart radio, spotify apple podcast, you can follow me there for not on Youtube. Also share me of course. That's a real honor to me. Have these sub have share? So if you haven't subbed, please do just come back for more. And I'M GONNA try to really meet high expectations. And I gotta go with what I got. Based on what I got and who I got with me. So today's episode, I've got compelling person of interest rather two of them. Who I would really consider are like UNICORNS in their chosen field of crime. And this subject of crime I've covered before. It's one of my favorite things to see on the big screen. Because it's just so thrilling I think in a lot ways that that's done. And one of the subjects who's going to be on film coming probably within a year, so going to be a true crime love story with bank robbery as the backdrop of why everything's happening. So if you're not familiar with Cowboy Bob for Peggy. Jo Tallus today you can become more familiar with her. A caller cowgirl ROB 'cause. She was lady and she's dressed up like a man a cowboy. To Rob Banks in the early nineties in the Dallas Texas area. For quite a while had confused the feds because. In this type of crime. Did you know according to the FBI that only five percent is not male who carries out these crimes, so it's overwhelmingly guys who do it. She had dressed up like a man at put on the. Fake Moustache Cowboy Hat. Hat padded her outfit. Never carried a gun never carried a gun, but just had that presence. So the feds had thought for longtime they're looking for. For Guy of course. Because only five percent. are other than that and in over sixty five hundred bank robberies last year is like five percent or less. So. Unicorn in that field so. Definitely, worthy for. The big screen if they're gonNA, do it from what happened in real life to fantasizing about a little bit more and putting on the big screen. It's a story that these to be told. So Peggy Jo, Tallus she had done these crimes and had never. Done Away with a whole lot. Thank the average for bank robbery about fifteen, hundred, twelve hundred. She was smart enough to say no dye packs. She didn't carry a gun with her. She was smart enough to say no tie dye packs and look for that so a lot of times. That's what will happen to. The personnel outside the bank, it'll explode on them and from there. It's just a mess. It really does have help capture. People have those pack explode, but she looked for that. She's really smart sophisticated. She knew what she was doing. And by all tencent purposes by all accounts. She was just a sweet lady who was into. Jack and banks, because it was ready and available on who would have thought that it was going to be a lady doing that? She had a great disguise. So this was. Early Nineties and with her story how they're gonNA play out on screen directed by Phillip Noyce who if you haven't heard of him before? One of my favorite movies is actually something he didn't. Ladies Call Dead Calm with Nicole Kidman. It's an awesome movie on the water. It's very thrilling, so he's at director. I think it's coming out within the next year or so. And, I think it'd be really good..

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