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Hello Today on pass gas. We are starting our two-part series on the machines of Antarctica. Dang doing I'm so excited for this one get used to enunciating Antarctica because it's hard is that the north part of the south part is the south that is the South Pole is located at at the Antar at the Antarctic. The penguins are there. They actually just drilled down like thousands of feet into this lake. That hasn't even been been touched in like millions of years. That's the only so you get like the thing. The thing right. Yeah why are we messing around with that kind of stuff. Didn't we learn anything from the thing ever seen John Carpenter film Anyway so yeah to give you guys some context here listener We're going to start with the very beginning of ant Arctic exploration and see why they needed machines in the first place. Because you know what kind of it's hard to get around Tell you that much. There's no buses. Let's say that. Yeah let's get that out of the way no uber no scooters here's There will be car talk near the end of this episode. We just have to get there so get yourself some hot cocoa ready because it's about the cold in here. Hey guys welcome to the pass gas podcast. If you like passed gas please help us grow by giving us a good rating and a nicer view on the podcasts platform of your choice to really help us out and I really appreciate that. So thank you all right now for the show on board his ship. The resolution captain James Cook. I discovered the continent of Antarctica on January. Anuary thirty-first seventeen seventy five after discovering quote discovering New Zealand and circling the globe. A few years prior cook hated that much of the Pacific still remained unexplored so he had returned to find what he believed to be a hidden seventh continent many offered to do this exploration for him but he refused to let others hinder his imperialistic. Swag Cook. Listen you've done a lot. aww exploring let us do some exploring. Come on no no way Jose. I'm going into that frigid seventh continent so he set Out to find it for himself he had thought he discovered the continent but he refused to row ashore in claiming land for the British Empire because the land he saw appeared inhospitable and believe it would never serve as an asset of the British Empire as it turned out though James Cook had not discovered the true continent of Antarctica Instead he'd only discovered the Sandwich islands but that didn't matter to him nor his explorations investors back in England and to him any further southern expiration would be pointless as the southern sea was just too dangerous and was as cold outside the icebound continent was now globally understood to be a worthless asset but time would soon challenge that idea cook. Never got the chance to be proven urban wrong. No as he was dismembered and killed on a Hawaiian beach seven. Seventeen not yet he. That's a whole other story Shortly after he quote again discovered covered Hawaii's existence. At least he was in a Hawaiian place. Mahalo babies because of Cook Britain did not yet James Cook. It's not a good guy I can just want to say that Britain did not have any intention to explore the frozen wasteland but there is a different sentiment over in Russia in eighteen eighteen nineteen czar Alexander the first dispatched to Pacific expeditions with the sole intention of discovering the Antarctic continent. He knew there'd be some scientific havoc benefits to such an exploration but what he really wanted to demonstrate was his control to Alexander. The control of both the North and South Poles would be global demonstration. Shen of CZAR's power to the entire world kind of Mir's like Russian history has been like that forever whether just like we want power. Russia has a very very complicated in super interesting history. Yeah yeah it is kind of funny to think the guy was like I want top of world I want but them of world middle report little sweaty down there. Also it's hilarious because most of Russia's it's like frozen wasteland and they're like I want more. I want more shout who are Russian listeners. Retrieve again on January twenty seventh eighteen. Twenty honey the Russian expeditions crossed the inked Arctic Circle. It was the second expedition to have ever done. So and just one day later the crew of the Russian ship the Vostok stock reported sighting of the continent the once again. The discovery was only Some more islands close to enter Sandwich Islands. It's pretty hard to discover land. It's made out of Ice Mountains and snow. The first actual actual sighting of Antarctica was by a small American crew of Seal L. Hunters and February eighteen. Twenty one But the siding was swept under the rug as only quote real explorers could make such a discovery. Would you ever eat seal meat. I couldn't do that now. Acute Dank you I would imagine it to be very like fatty almost for sure goose of ood Uh Cows or whatever yeah actually kind of sounds good in one elsewhere uh-huh q.. Magic being a seal hunter in eighteen twenty. One there's nothing more shittier. Think of on a boat in the water. Freezing your balls. Yeah Yeah and then you have to like you can't shoot him. You have to club beat the John. James Kirk had described the land as inexpressible Sibley horrid in every aspect At this point in time the existence of Antarctica had yet to actually be proven but race to be the first to truly discover the continent had begun gun. I it was the Russians that wanted a piece like we said then the French came along then the British and the Americans and even chilly at a point a joint German Norwegian exploration team was formed to try to claim some of the land. What made this team unique? Though was the people it was composed of the majority of the group. whaler's tough men who a thing or two about being cold like being cold. They're the closest to experts on the terrain that existed at the time. Now finally the first actual landing aunt and Artika was by another group of seal hunters in eighteen fifty three report. Nobody cared and the Norwegian expedition declared themselves the first people to ever stepped foot on the land on January twenty fourth eighteen. Seventy five life. The feeling of being the first people to have ever stepped foot on on the new land was quote strange yet pleasurable Until at least the locals attacked. It took nick two hours to fight off a colony of Adelie penguins with sticks but once they hunted a few seals They they left after that so I guess they got attacked by paying win. Some seals bounced I think that's so crazy that these people from like take the top of the world. Just go all the way down here. Pangolins Edith and like okay. We did it. The Norwegian whalers arrived to prove that landing was possible there returned to the land would be accompanied by a wave of scientists and explorers. They had unknowingly kicked off. What would become the quote heroic age of Antarctic exploration that would dominate the early twentieth century? If you don't know much about the terrain of Antarctica it sucks WCHS allot original. Explores did not see much commercial gain from the continent. They saw tremendous scientific value for their home countries. Though specifically Britain Britain has a nasty habit of wanting to dominate. Every piece of land in sight So most things were done in the view of how could this benefit Britain. Well there there is always we need for our T.. Don't don't people in your typically not like ice in their beverage yeah uh-huh that's true so weird So that might have been something other than have a warm Dr Pepper night. Yeah like after after a hundred years of this place people like they go down there they see it there. There's nothing here and then it's like they forget fifty years later another group the report stuff they get down there. There's nothing there might be or get their Joe. We'll get back to more pass gas right now over at my sponsors a private expeditions skyrocketed in hopes to claim the land for Britain Britain took the lead When it came to the expedition's but the Germans also wanted a little piece? Kaiser Wilhelm the second wanted wanted to dominate the southern seas solely leave for Prestige and glory and began sending expeditions down to claim territory for Germany. Everyone's is freaking going down there in nineteen ninety one. The British ship discovery departed from London's east India. Docks onboard were two men who had become the most infamous explorers of all time. Ernest Shackleton and Robert Falcon Scott. Really good names. Yeah yeah those are sick ball and asked me on this expedition. They explored nearly five hundred sixty kilometers inland. And we're officially claimed all of Antarctica for Britain much like when the US astronauts. Linda Moon so we basically claim the Moon Right we on the moon we on the mound. Yeah you against ah other. Countries claim that the land was obviously too vast to be conquered by single run like that so they continued sending more and more expeditions in nineteen. You know seven Shackleton's set off aboard the Nimrod in an attempt to claim the earth to conquer the poll and undisputably conquered the land for Britain. Okay wait it. Quick aside for Nimrod a lot of people think it means dumb no but that's only because of the bugs bunny cartoon Nimrod was actually like in accomplished hunter in Old Greek Lore. WHOA so it was? He was saying ironically to Elmer fudd.

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