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Doc Thompson says from there we can take a few days to a few weeks to get your Jack knife Roberts K. annex ten seventy newsradio ten twenty five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the finance was going on Barbara told are still working on that vehicle over the side as you had to pick a Rivera six oh five north and now they're saying it's on the rose hills offramp is slowing things down starting at Whittier Boulevard at a stickler for quite some time now since this morning in la Verne crash for the big rig happened on the two to any spam passport hill and now they're cleaning up the fuel spill the right lane is blocked along the foothill on ramp just a little slow they're starting a foothill about a five minute delay so just stick with the two ten you'll be through before you know it and we've got problem in the simple the passage P. may be running a break on the four oh five north bound around Skirball center big bag of trash reportedly dropped in the second lane from the left concept commerce seven ten cellphone Washington to Atlantic in the two right lanes slowing you down through the area and we still work in Boyle heights one one south and connector to the five south down there in the east LA interchange right wing taken away so far for some landscaping Gemini up from four street northbound side of the one one pretty busy through downtown it looks like it stays kind of tough up toward Silverlake Boulevard south and you're still gonna see delays from Santa Monica Boulevard to Glendale Boulevard and even the one ten north bound loading up now nine street heading toward the four level interchange car hit a pole in Anaheim ninety one west down on the magnolia offramp and she's gonna work in Westminster four oh five both directions from bowls of the Westminster two left lanes closed on both sides of the road northbound slow from magnolia your next report ten thirty five on barber Brooks of hard traffic reports for often can't extend seventy newsradio partly cloudy tonight low clouds and fog near the coast maybe moving inland as the night wears on most of the fifties and sixties and then have a cooler day tomorrow expected highs low eighties downtown low nineties in the valleys in I. E. mid seventies in the beach communities sambar Latino seventy six degrees right now in for quite a seventy nine San.

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