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England allwheeldrive traffic on the threes what's going on chris above this time the last few mornings with a new lincoln figure asian that we've been seeing the traffic build up on the pike eastbound right by the allston brighton ramps and that's what we're seeing right now so you do have a heavy pocket there prior to that on the expressway it's also jammed out by route thirty it again at route 28 so expect those pockets of traffic south of town on route 3 there's a breakdown by route eighteen that has a traffic rolling back to derby street beyond that you're okay getting to the expressway but the expressway does roll back onto 120 back to route thirty seven and a solid right up to columbia road heavy stop and go acted if you're delays of all 24 ninety five coming up to one 28 it's get up north out check out some problems on route ninety three with christa neck the monterey insurance crop aircrews 93 southbound is suddenly grind to a halt up at what 25 at wilmington it's like that data reach sixty two will see if something's just tap their little farther down it gets hung up a gal from spot pond all the way it for the start the lower deck northbound at ninety for your slow from lonsdale avenue authority on twenty eight the academic offering occurrence copter christians also going to head up to a crash just reported out for ninety five northbound up at three we see delays both directions it that stretch downtown boston lower deck of 93 out to spot on the tobin rolls back to chelsea both the summer in williams jammed as well as at lever down ramp as you're making your way toward storrow drive next update's at seven fifty three wbz's traffic on take a closer look at unlimited data plans and you'll see they're not always up front with a price not at t mobile get.

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