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Home for original reporting and Alison Keyes in Washington even in Perth Australia they are anti racism protest happening this weekend in the wake of the killing of George Floyd the black man who died in police custody this man organized a demonstration in Taiwan honestly watching all the protest rallies and demonstrations by give me hope they have a lot of hope that change is going to come but the massive protester also sparking worries over cold at nineteen this woman was out demonstrating in Denver I was down at the protest this week in my employer asked me to come here and just get tested before going back to work CBS is Michael Jordan reports that there has been a spike in corona virus cases in many states including Texas South Carolina and Arizona Arizona's average daily cases nearly tripled in two weeks and this week Texas had its for worst day so far for hospitalizations Utah and Oregon are now delaying their openings a week after cases there continue to search still other states are continuing to relax social distancing rules in Maryland indoor dining is now allowed at fifty percent capacity with social distancing and public health requirements outdoor amusement rides miniature golf and go kart tracks are also allowed to open now to London where a special but different celebration was held for the queen's ninety fourth birthday the military pageantry that normally accompanies queen Elizabeth's official birth date was replaced by a scaled down socially distance ceremony at Windsor Castle where she and prince Philip have been self isolating since March the queen actually turns ninety four in April but her birthday is officially celebrated in June because the weather's nicer Vicki Barker CBS news London the topic that another successful launch for SpaceX CBS's bill Harwood with the latest basic set up another batch of starlink internet satellites from Cape Canaveral hitching a ride aboard a falcon nine rocket were three remote sensing satellites as well and all of the spacecraft successfully reach their planned orbits SpaceX is building a vast constellation of starlink satellites to provide high speed space based internet access from any point on the earth's surface Garth Brooks is inviting you to the movies the drive and that is he's doing a show for three hundred venues later this month Brooks will sing in Nashville on June twenty seventh and hundreds of theaters around the nation will pick it up the performance will follow guidelines to prevent the spread of the.

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