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I'm a for a lot of Cubs fans. It's been a very down off season. What are they doing with the roster doing back? Are they totally rebuilding just more than a retooling? Deal walks out the door. Len KASPER shocked us all. He's one of our teammates now, and he's going to be the voice of the White Sox. That absolutely shocked us when we got that new did, But when that door opened, you were the first person to suggest a name. Yes, I mean, and he's been a friend of the show for the last year or two, and he's so smart and I love a play by play voice whose opinionated as well And boobs. She Ami has done just great work on the network and as a teammate of ours on ESPN for many, many years, and you want a guy who just loves baseball on a guy who's funny and a guy who cares about the game and makes you smarter as a listener. And that's what boob does. And and I didn't know if Marky was ready to make a move like that. There were rumors going elsewhere, and I was so happy I was on the treadmill. Yesterday when Jesse texted you and I saying it was just in all caps. Boog exclamation point. I thought he was calling you a boob and just misspelled it. Or yes or you're talking about my boobs is they were flapping on the treadmill. But boob shandy is now the voice the cubs and it is great to hear. He joins us, Right, Alan, the Corona hotline boob. Congratulations, my friend. Thank you guys. I'm So funny. I feel like I've done so many so many appearances with y'all and now to come on. And in this, uh You know, in this moment to say that I'm the voice of the Cubs is crazy. It's really I'm so excited. I gotta tell you So, yeah, like, take us through that book. I mean, you've talked about the Cubs with us for the last few years. You've done a lot of Cubs games. I think you even did their wild card Syriza against the Marlins recently. Yeah, And and so you know, when sitting there a guy that you know in that chair me like, Did you ever dream that? Hey, that's a job one day. That I could see myself in. So that's sort of the funny part of it is that you know men's not just somebody I've known if he's one of my closest friends, so over the last 20 years You know, there's probably no one else that I've discussed broadcasting with more than Len and so When he started navigating. What his next step was going to be. Look. I like my gig at ESPN, so I wasn't really Looking, and I understood. The things that lead was trying to fulfill it. This point and, you know, radio wanted to call postseason games. Those are two things that I was fortunate that I have gotten a chance. Do so I got it, but because of how close I am with him. Was really more focused on helping him navigate. Okay, we can do you do this and just listening to, you know Okay? Yeah. This you'd be happy doing this, and I was really more focused on that. And I didn't. The time to like, sit with whether I would be a fit until I did And then when I did I know that it sounds weird, but it's just You know, for all the times I've been doing the job that I've been doing. It's one of my if not one of them, not my favorite stops, and I Yeah, once you once we started to talk, it just kind of watched over me. OK, this really seems like a phenomenal fifth and the guys from Marquis were awesome and the Cubs were were great and There. The whole thing is It's regarding ridiculous. It's like it wasn't as if I know that you asked the question that I dream about it. The answer is no. I mean it was Len's job, so it was just not something I was programmed to think about, and Dad. That was kind of all I've been thinking about it. I'm just I'm so excited. It Z. I don't. I'm a really good sleeper like I'm but I should probably have it in my Twitter profile like I mean, like in the middle of this interview, you guys could keep going. I think if I really needed you normally I could fall right asleep has nothing to do with you. That's a lot of guests. We do that We don't get no sleep quite a bit. But like I've been having trouble sleeping, too. They're just excited. I've just been. I've been, like, sort of getting, you know, So it's been cold. Well, what I was gonna ask you, and I think you touched our little bit. What makes Wrigley and being in this city different that maybe some of the other stops. Look, I think the one thing what I come on with you guys. But you get about me is how much I like it. How much? I like it. I like I still and jazzed up by this sport the way I was when I was seven. So when you go to the places where the place where it's being mirrored in the ballpark on the field in the city It fires you up, and that's the thing you know, I said it, you know you want to be someplace that matters and baseball matters in the north side of Chicago. It just does if they if they won win 92 games, the fans want to know why they're not within 94..

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