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Service Lawrence and Claire eleven minutes past the hour. Now last night was another tumultuous moment in Britain's Brexit saga. As members of parliament finally voted to wrest control of the process from the government. Now, this means MP's will get a series of votes tomorrow to find out what kind of Brexit. They will support their known as indicative votes. The Prime Minister Theresa May's deal with the European Union has been rejected twice by the British parliament. So where next joining me now is conservative and people Scully who has backed the Prime Minister Theresa May's deal. How do you feel this morning, then Mr. Scully, well, I'm disappointed because what happens is the government? Negotiates treaties and international trade season. Then parliament scrutinize set match vice it what we've got dangerous precedent. Whereas politics trying to take control of that process. And so what would have tomorrow we'll have series of votes summit, which will try and unpicks the referendum some of which actually are old today with options that we need that are only really involved in the next stage of talks because what we're trying to do it. The next day to talks what? Yeah. Future relationship. And you presumably we're happy with Brexit. Did you vote for it in the first place? Yeah. I campaign Brexit, I voted to to leave the EU. And I still believe that we've got a good opportunity ahead of us. If we get past this stage and actually just leave. Some really surprising that some of my colleagues who were alongside me campaigning today. You have to them. It's not perfect for what they want. But they can't quite see that they risk losing Brexit entirely. If they don't come in and support the stale. Do you think that is a possibility because the way things stand at the moment, the legislation that we have is on statute that we if no agreement if no other way can be found at the clock is ticking down that there will be a hard Brexit. So surely, they would be happy with that. I just don't see that happening myself because the prime minister is being pretty clear that she doesn't want to leave with Dale. I'm the suspect that parliament would again, find a way of making Mexico that doesn't happen for you. Right at the moment, the default position is that if we don't leave if we don't find a deal will end up with no deal, and I'm mind that although it's not my default position. As long as you tried everything we can to get a deal, and I suspect it we did leave without a deal, what was happening to sides would get back together again. And that wouldn't be the end state. I think they would thrash out a deal within a few weeks, but let's not put that theory to the test. But surely this'll be short champion the vote that happened last night where it's M P saying, we parliament taking back control from government saying, you know, we we haven't got a consensus. We need to throw some ideas around, and we need to come up with an idea that will have a majority backing solely. We are in this position. Because. Because of the prime minister seal the deal that you want it tobacco and the deal that you did back. And surely we now just have to park that and move on. It's it's no point pointing fingers and blaming one side blaming the other. Whether it's not even just Teesside's this many sides to all right now is to sort of coalesce come together and say for the sake of the country, we need to find a solution. Would you need to find a solution? I'm just not sure indicative version of votes is going to find that one thing that people can coalesce around. And you've then got to make sure that it respects the the referendum itself. Because if we revoke article fifty s a petition says that will that would just the undoing the first referendum if we have a people's votes cycle people's that. I'm not sure you're going to get the clarity that you want within that. And that extends the uncertainty that businesses have been crying at financial for another six seven, eight months. Would you say an extension is now inevitable as you say we had the vote last night, we know the direction of travel, but we don't even know what we are going to discuss going forward shortly. Now an extension is is the only option. Well, I mean, we've got the extension from the EU. And so we're not leaving on Friday. As was originally envisaged? Few weeks. The the to that depends on whether we get she brings the deal back and it gets passed. But. What we have to sort out is. That's all that we had that agreement with the EU so invest now in international law the face of the the Bill that's on the front page of the field of you in UK law allowed us to to to to do that still has the Die Zeit as Daytona twenty nine says Maher show on Thursday, I suspect would have to be here in parliament changing that pulse. Kelly MP who back the prime minister's deal. More amendments being laid down and votes happening on them tomorrow here in the UK parliament, thanks for joining us. Remember, it was going to be happening at eleven o'clock on Friday. Salad. We've all got something else to do eleven o'clock on Friday, otherwise you and me would have been live somewhere. Absolutely, right. What am I doing? Probably the supermarket. This is news day with Lawrenson and clear looking for do some shopping and the top story just to remind you from the BBC newsroom involves at Donald Trump and wall a billion dollars being earmarked is apparently being transferred. It's being authorized by the department of defense. That's the billion dollars towards building the Mexican war controversy. The Democrats say it is unconstitutional. Matthew Kenyon as ever is here with the sport Matthew Helen, orange England. Coach Gareth Southgate said the country's FA would support their black players and report racist chanting aimed at Rame sterling Callum Hudson, and Danny rose in particular by some Montenegro fans during a five one win for the visitors to podcast in European championship. Qualifying on Monday night the night NBA action was overshadowed by an injury to the Portland Trail. Blazers Yousef Nurkic who suffered compound fractures of his left tibia and fibula every bit as painful and horrendous as it sounds as they played a second overtime period against the Brooklyn nets the Trail Blazers eventually. On the game to make it to the playoffs. Their coach said afterwards there were no celebrations. In tennis. The two players who can grab Niamey shockers world number one spot. If they win the Miami opened that Simona Halep in Petrich favor both through to the last eight and the best known fighter in mixed. Martial arts Conor McGregor who said on social media. He's retiring from the sport a few hours earlier on US television. He said he was fit and raring to go. So you can read into that. What you will? Thank you. Matthew kenyon. Are we going to update you on a great interview with a hotel owner in Zimbabwe Chimanimani we've been hearing from Chimanimani our correspondents there and find out what Michael hotel owner has been doing for local people? We're gonna talk business now in the US lawyer who came to most people's attention because he was representing the porn-star stormy Daniels and has suits against President Trump. Well, the lawyer appeared in court after being arrested on fraud charges. He's accused of trying to extort millions of dollars from John sports company. Vivid newness is here from our business desk. So what do we know about this case than who is he well, this is the lawyer called Michael Abernathy? He was the lawyer for porn star stormy Daniels as you say he's been linked to Donald Trump. But he's also a fierce critic of the president. But this is about his alleged dealings with Nike sportswear brand. Michael is accused by federal prosecutors of arranging a meeting with Nike, lawyers and demanding they pay him between fifteen and twenty five million dollars to carry out antenna investigation at the company that apparently they didn't ask for if they didn't agree to that. He's accused of threatening to go public with this damaging information, he says he has about Nike, and in fact, just before he was arrested yesterday, Mr. tweeted that he would soon be holding a press conference to disclose what he called a major high school college basketball scandal perpetrated by Nike that he'd uncovered. He went on to say this criminal conduct reaches the highest levels of Nike and involved. Some of the biggest names in the sport. He's also a key. Used of threatening to take ten billion dollars off the company's market value by going public with this invite. He didn't get to hold that press conference though, he got arrested instead his prosecutor Jeffrey Berman, I am highly confident that when all of the evidence is lay bare in connection with these cases when it is all known when due process occurs that I will be fully exonerated and Justice.

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