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Agriculture and so the government seems at least at the moment although they denied to be looking the other way and so people are kind of outraged and and concerned about what the future holds for the rain forest using this as an opportunity to learn more about the the Amazon in general I would imagine again it in order to understand what's going on people probably have a lot of other questions that they're going about yeah I mean that's right to people constantly ranking Google how to help them and this actually what the number one question that of the week for how to help how to help the Amazon rain forest I think people feel a bit helpless and they're wondering what they can do and there are a lot of wonderful organization that people can donate to that either watch out for this or try to buy up land to conserve it and I think people are also wondering you know what does this actually mean and so our rain forests generate about twenty percent of the world's oxygen so I mean either you know integral part Hugh are echoed this them on and so people are you know noticeably in rightly concerned absolutely and I'm glad that you know that they know that they have a way to learn more about that because it is really important we shall be paying attention to that now one of the other things that was up training this week and I'll tell you what's trending last week in my mouth the Popeye's chicken sandwich yes well it with that trending yesterday my map of well I actually I knew that they were going to be one of the trends and I went out and spent an hour on line in New York City I bought six of a man who can be hero when I came back to the office and I've been working out like that's field research that's right they were cold but somehow I paid for it myself I don't know I've got a full back to the company but yeah the the Popeye's chicken sandwich who knew they have never had a sandwich previously that their first chicken sandwich it was relief week on the twelfth and people are going kind of crazy for it it's three ninety nine hundred ninety calories but I agree with the list and and they kind of launched in the fun way they they put out a Twitter post on it about how they barely could describe it because.

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