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An average eighty five percent water balance of nature uses cold vacuum technology to remove the water leaving only the whole food we don't use any heat air or light drying methods that damage nutrients are cold vacuum technology maintains ninety nine percent of the fresh fruits and vegetables original nutritional value along with diet and exercise mother nature provides fruits and vegetables to help us maintain good health to order go to balance of nature dot com or call one eight hundred two four six eight seven five one that's one eight hundred two four six eight seven five one and use discount code John roll around and poison ivy to the backstroke in a lake full of per honest iron my pants while I'm wearing them there are lots of things you'd probably rather do than talk to your kids about drugs but once you learn what to say it gets a lot less painful give a sumo wrestler piggy back and I have a bad back three words exploratory dental surgery get the help you need a drug free dot org from the partnership for a drug free America I don't walk up to somebody and say Hey my name's chief I thought help in the mental health system not natural to do that but when you see somebody struggling and they give you this well you don't know what I'm going through and that's when you pull out that ace and you say yes I do know what you're going for it takes courage to ask for help an anonymous self assessment is available online take the first step to healing visit military mental health dot org or call eight seven seven eight seven seven three six forced if you don't know your numbers you don't know your business meet Evan Goldberg founder of next week I had to learn that the hard way with my first company that's why I started net sweet I needed to see everything that was going on with my business.

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