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A guy that he hasn't won as many as you said, of course, but he has gotten it done and been played well in those toughest there's no super teams this time around. So LeBron is not going to be a winner at and I think LeBron's winner. But we'll continue this conversation. A little later in the show. We're moving on my the NFL there is a lot of drama in Pittsburgh right now. But is it all into new Browns Steph Steph that? that. The season is over for the Steelers, but the drama is far from being done. Multiple reports say Antonio Brown threw a football at Ben Rothlisberger during practice last Wednesday and then decided not to practice. The rest of the week AB showed up at the stadium on Sunday. But was declared inactive and left at halftime. A Steelers pleaded called the situation with AB, quote, embarrassing and the worst he's ever seen. So rob is in Tokyo Brown. The biggest problem in Pittsburgh, not far long stretch. I mean, they got a lot of issues. The Steelers do with the culture with a lot of players. Just the whole thing that's going on there. I will give Antonio Brown some credit that in arguing with a Ben Rothlisberger. He was imitating the quarterback. So he threw the football down at his feet. So he was basically telling the bed what he wants to do it. Right. But no, I mean, obviously his behavioral what went on is not something you want, especially when you're facing a game set the last game of the season where at that point. They didn't know if they were gonna make the playoffs. So to be without your best receiver is just not a good thing. Skipping practice. And then, you know, realizing thinking you come into. The stadium and you're going to play and they're telling you, you're not gonna play and then you walk out. So that's not it. But this is like a culture thing they have had so many distractions and every year everybody council on the Steelers. Oh, look on paper. They're so talented. They're going to make a run to the Super Bowl this that. And the other thing all they have been for the last decade is under achievers people act like they just want a Super Bowl last week. Everyone a Super Bowl since two thousand eight this is twenty nine thousand nine hundred ten full seasons have come and gone. And they haven't done anything with the rust of filled with with all kinds of players and Tonio Brown's been there since ten lady on bell came in thirteen and you know, thinking that you have those two guys and that kind of offense with some of the defensive players they've had as well. And yet nothing has worked there. So do I believe that this is just an Abe problem? No, I don't believe it's an AB problem. And here's the other problem with Mike Tomlin to coach you. Wonder is either Brown he's part of the problem because of the culture in the locker room? But here's the other problem is hard to get rid of a coach first of all the Steelers, don't get rid of coaches. They've had three coaches since one thousand nine hundred sixty nine so they just that's not what they do. They just weather the storm and they stick with the script, and they just figured it'll work itself out. But here's the other problem. You can't fire a coach that has never had a losing season and he won a Super Bowl. And he went to another one. Do you know like how do you get rid of that could I would want to? Fire harder to all depends on your expectations. I wouldn't I wouldn't fire him. But it all depends on what your expectations are. And to your point. Nobody can deny that they've underachieved recently under Mike Tomlin, and you got Terry Bradshaw. Steelers. Great and James Harrison, former Steeler who play Tomlin. Call him out for a lack of discipline? Terry Bradshaw has been as tough on him. As anybody calls him a cheerleader that he's not even a coach. Well, look first of all let's get to Antonio Brown. He's a problem. He's a problem like to do what he did this week where your team is fighting for the playoffs..

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