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I am. So I just. And then Kelly showed up and we're walking through the halls and parody walked past us and she goes. Kelly and I was like Oh. I'm dying to go to heaven. I die right like we should take a picture. I was just kidding now. I can die happy. This picture met her husband. He's SONAE Bay are. She is just as cool in person as I assumed she would be from fan growing over her since I was thirteen and it was it was the highlight. I'd say of my career was taking share with poverty and Kelly and not as that is fan girl to time one hundred I would say lauren. If you had a diary. Would you write about that moment? I would absolutely right about that moment. That's why I'm saying on this. Podcast saved forever. This is an audio diary. In which case. We have some very weird entries in our rather not reading. Let's start getting into the Games. We usually do our preseason thoughts segment early on and I wrote down how he thought each person would do before the season. Read out to see how wrong we were. Of course since Tyson has already been voted out. We already read our thoughts. There long story short. He was my winter pick. Didn't work out Leon. How many fire tokens did Tyson amass? According to you over the course of the season. Oh my gosh. I don't even want to know way too. Many although I will say Jeff probes saying okay now you get to fire elegance. We are so lowly. Inching their hundreds of fire tokens that I thought people working to get on this season. So just to let you know. Liana wrote down. How many fire tokens we thought. Each person leaves the game with and Liana doled them out by the hundreds. I think might have some most at seventeen.

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