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I just feel like that's kind of some sort of, you know, under the radar shot at me, I'm gonna just ignore that toothless backfield. So it has been a toothless backfield so far. And that's why I'm avoiding all these guys. Like, you know, the eagles have a really, really good run defense started last year, their top five in the NFL in both fewest yards per carry, an rushing touchdowns allowed. So it's a really good offensive. It's really good defensive line there a front seven in Philadelphia. I'm still not completely sold on this colts offensive line yet and given the fact that it doesn't seem to be any sort of. And no one's really emerged. If you look at sort of the snaps from last week's game, it was MAC Wilkin. It was Heinz. Now of MAC doesn't play in this game. Maybe bump up Wilkins a little bit here, but I think you have to have better. Options. Let's move along to the eagles because they've got some injuries of note, and I'm not talking about Carson Wentz. He's playing on Sunday, but how about Jae Jao used to find that one seems a little bit less clear and back issue to boot and now not practicing for a couple of days. It sounds like a could come down to gametime decision, but I would be definitely concerned if I have on my roster that there's chance he might not play interesting. I mean, yeah, I mean that right? They are cast enough doubt that if he does not play Matthew, how high does Corey Clement rising your ranks? I think he'd have to rise to. I mean, without having my rankings in terms of a number, but Mike Hayes, the flop twenty. I think it's the top twenty play. Yeah, I think I'm about that same spot there now we know that when Dell small would we'll see some more and I don't know about Darren sproles at his banged up to he's got a hamstring issue and not practicing as well. So somebody keep an eye and they and they promoted Josh Adams from the practice squad this week. Sure. So I mean, which which suggests that j. j. could certainly sit on Sunday. So I'm going to keep an eye on their Doug Peterson said that he would probably have an update after practice today. So hopefully we'll know by the end of today about a giants data. Okay, interesting. But the media a little while ago and didn't say anything, but did say definitively that I have seen. So last I saw after practice usually talks before practice. So I think after practice they'll make that decision, we will see their what happens with j. j. climent who's out there in a lot of leisure is. Yeah. I mean, I'm gonna look up exactly how many leagues he's available in. Hang on one second. Let's see if I can beat thirsty Kyle to it. Like sixty two percent. He is rostered in fifty, seven percent just under pressure. I don't know if you saw that on the screen. Yeah, he was. He went to a completely different one. I was I keep your ranks up there in front of forty, three percent forty, three percent availability for Corey Clement who we all agree would be a top twenty play if JJ misses it. And right now it's looking that way six and a half points. Brad, the game is being played in Philadelphia. Carson Wentz returns to the eagles fly eagles fly gimme the eagles defined eagles by touchdown. I will take eagles to or you have it all right. Draftkings time who's tell us all about it that will be used are fun. I will tell you all about it and you know, Matt, you you like to brag. Did you know that bragging rights and huge cash crisis are up for grabs this weekend. I like that field laughed. I will say it ain't bragging if it's true. It was pointing that out in terms of when it comes to me, right. Brag about your hair all the time. That's right. Well, actually, if you if you play draftkings you might be able to have proof of why you're able to brag bragging rights and huge casts prizes up for grabs.

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