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Again all false that you know Bill Gates is profiting from this In order to microchip. You there are theories that this is going to turn people into Antennas for five G. There's no mechanism by which that could happen. But at the same time, this is still a narrative that begins to gain traction among the conspiratorial, anti five G community. And so you see a lot of these cross pollination narratives taking shape. One thing that we're seeing is a lot of attempts to obscure the source. So there was a wordpress blogged, broaching the idea that the vaccine was going to sterilize people and it was shared as a photograph is as a mean and so the information's very sensational information is presented to people in the form of an infographic that looks legitimate. But if you were to go and try to dig in and try to understand where the Claims came from they're not coming from any kind of scientific organization at all. They're coming from a random wordpress page. That's just not immediately obvious to people when they encountered information on their social feeds. One other element here is the political and we did a story. Well, look you to it on blacks, historical fear of the medical community, A well founded fear based on how often blacks have historically been experimented on, and there are several black leaders and Anthony Fauci trying toe Overcome that. But when we did our story, we also heard there's distrust off this administration. How much as President Trump played into this while now he's pushing what he's calling. His vaccine in 2007 heat was anti vaccine. You make comments along those lines. He did not get behind masks. So how much have these mixed messages? Affected. You know everyone when it comes to vaccines, the crisis of leadership and the lack of trust is impossible to separate out from what's happening today. The problem is, people are not sure what authority figures to trust. So on the left, You saw people saying that they wouldn't trust anything that came out of President Trump's FDA. And now as President Biden will take office shortly. I think we'll see the same thing from the other side as we're seeing there. People who Just simply don't trust politicians or media unless it's part of their partisan community. The black communities had historical reasons terrible circumstances with regard to things like Tuskegee and countering that, making them feel that they're able to trust the vaccine and that it's not going to exploit their communities in some way again. That has to come from People who they believe have their best intentions at heart and are well informed. And so this is where really there's a phenomenal role to play here for community organizations. Religious leaders that served particular communities. And so those are the voices that have to be incorporated into the conversation about any vaccine rollout because their moral authority is so key at this point to countering wild accusations and sensationalism that prey on people's fears, So meantime, people are being targeted with misinformation. On Facebook and Twitter. But studies show that it would take 75% of the population getting vaccinated to control the outbreak. Do you worry that we might not get there? Yeah, For sure. Unfortunately, A lot of the rhetoric is trending towards this. Why should I have to narrative and I think that we need to make sure that anybody who's communicating about why These vaccines matter is is explaining the value to all of society, not just to the individual and how any restoration of you know our old way of living is something that we bear collective responsibility for Rene duress to again technical research manager at the Stanford Internet Observatory, an expert in the study of online manipulation. They just got a couple seconds here. We have to ask you. I asked this of people whose job it is to pour through. This information and misinformation. What's that, like? Well, it's an interesting glimpse into understanding what makes people think and feel a certain way. How do we make sure that communities are receiving information in the way that helps them achieve full understanding of the facts, making sure that they're not manipulated by grifters or people who are putting out information? Because there's ah financial motivation for them or what we call clout chasing getting a lot of likes kind of motivations. It's not enough to just say off the CDC put out more fax, this problem would be solved. It makes you think a lot about how people see the world what they trust and how those trusted messages can reach and connect with the greatest number of people. Oh, I hope people Responsible for doing that are talking to you about how to do that, Um,.

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