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The home they discovered a badly decomposed body it's not believed the person was killed in the fire but instead had been there for some time because of the fire is still under investigation the city of detroit cracking down on human trafficking thanks to some federal dollars city council prison the brenda jones are those two new department the detroit commission for human trafficking jail january is human trafficking month she also says there watching for human trafficking downtown for special events like the auto show human trafficking is very active sometimes it happens in hotel bomb otms or even at the house right next door to eu detroit will be receiving one point eight million dollars in federal grants to hire more officers last year there were twenty two arrests for human trafficking and prostitution at the auto show and those investigations are continuing this year at police headquarters ken rogulski wjr news the senate will decide the fate of a house passed bill that would fund the government for midfebruary correspondent bill mattingly says democrats and republicans are blaming each other for the stalled negotiations we are at the point right now where people are just throwing partisan talking points not actually trying to figure out what the pathway forward is it's intractable and if you talk to anybody up here it's more a pervasive sense that this is absolutely heading toward a shutdown not a pervasive sets that everybody at some point is going to get in a room and figure it out prosecutors revealing horrific details about the thirteen children who were found imprisoned in a home in california correspondent anti rose reports several of them have cognitive impairment in suffer from nerve damage after what prosecutors describe as years of emotional and physical abuse david in louise turpin pleaded not guilty thursday to all charges including twelve counts of false imprisonment and twelve counts of torture they are.

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