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It wasn't an assumption of automatically that. You're now that person. Because blackie were being killed by why officers on television but it it's more complex than that but it comes down to. Is there empathy there. Are we talking about it. Are we trying to come up with a change because the change in within us right and then we're able to spread that change but being honest and saying i'm not okay. Are the resources to talk about this. I don't wanna come into work. Because i'm scared. You know for my family for my boys for life. These are real thoughts that people have last year and so. I'm glad that we were able to come together as a country and have conversations and questions and be able to talk about it because that's another way to overcome trauma. That's nothing. I love that. And i have to tell you. One thing that i learned about myself and friends was through. The black lives matter campaign and what was happening that i would go to some of my friends either. Lgbtq or my black friends. And i would say why. Don't we talk. I want to know from your perspective in what was very fascinated about it is. It isn't about my opinion anymore. You know like this is happening to you. You tell me what's going on. Because i don't need to have an opinion about this like i want to hear from you. And so the reason. I say that is because i think what you just said. And what i noticed is being available to have open dialog about issues and being comfortable and not having to voice your opinion makes others feel so much more comfortable right in. It allows them that sort of freedom to say. This is a safe place. And i think many companies try to say open door policy or we can talk about anything you want to talk about. This is a safe place but sometimes it's really not you know and so..

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