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The know on our friday morning this is america's morning news it's twenty minutes past the hour i'm wendy kings the president donald trump to launch a crude twitter attack on the brains looks and temperament of a female tv personality on thursday drawing bipartisan complaints of outrage trump's tweets aimed at msnbc mic brzezinski received concerns about his views of women in a city where civility paul ready is in short supply and he is struggling for any support he can get for his proposals on healthcare immigration and other controversial issues i heard that poorly raided morning joe speaks badly of me i don't watch anymore trump tweeted on thursday morning then how how come low iq crazy meeker along with psycho gel came tomorrow lago three nights in a row around new year's eve and insisted on joining me she was bleeding badly from a facelift so i said no he said the tweets unite if democrats and republicans for once in a chorus of protest that amounted to perhaps one of the loudest outcries since trump took office republican house speaker paul ryan said he didn't think it was appropriate legal over trying to do around here is improve the tone civility of the debate and this obviously doesn't do that itself carolina senator lindsey graham said tweet slide this inconsistent greatness of the country and the office on wednesday brzezinski had mocked trump israel better than making a fake cover at an agassi about himself lying every day and destroying that contrary trump's allies cast is outburst as a positive an example of his refusal to be bullied white house spokeswoman sarah huckabee sanders said the president was just pushing back i think that the president it is pushing back against people who attack him day after day after day first lady melania trump who has vowed to fight cyberbullying while her husband is president gave his tweets a path some of the administration's most highprofile women daughter and presidential assistant ivanka if trump counselor kellyanne conway and deputy national security adviser tina powell did not respond to requests for comment on trump's level of insulttrading brzezinski responded on twitter by posting a photograph of a cheerios fox that included the phrase made for little hands people looking to get under the president skin have lung suggested that his hands appear small for his frame republican senator bill south of nebraska tweeted please just stop this isn't normal and it's beneath.

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