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You can get a great deal on the accord all the other honda's available at the summer break in sales event but go in there right now because deals are knocking to last much longer brockman what do you have over the at first up this story is making the rounds right now and it's pretty awesome and one that we've all been championing here for a little bit the chicago cubs have owner tom ricketts has given steve bartman you remember him from the botched foul ball back in two thousand three the cubs fans than ruined his life basically they're getting their world series ring which is pretty pretty awesome in my mind tom ricketts issued a statement on behalf of the entire cubs organization where honored to present a world series ring to steve bartman proud to recognize him with this give today after all he sacrificed pretty great bartman issued a lengthy statement he did a lengthy length he actually 'cause you know you never talks about eight writing about anything he rejects every single overture maybe we should get in there and see if a corner the show now it's pretty awesome let's nandan i'll just read some of the although i do not consider myself worthy of such an honor i am deeply moved and sincerely grateful to receive this i am fully aware the stork historical significance and appreciate the symbolism my family and i will chair for chair ship for generations and welcome back in the cubs family and have their support going forward i'm relieved and hopeful that the saga from two thousand three foul ball incident surrounding my family and me is finally over let me ask you this question let me ask you this question would you boston red sox fan if i could timewarp you back to two thousand four okay timewarp you back.

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