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This jump right back into the conversation. Okay so you arrive at the scene and you're in a remote area it's raining and you're assessing like How am i going to do this. How do you filter that. How do you make sense that knowing that there's lives on the line and you've got to work quickly. Yeah you've gotta take care your safety and also incredibly accurate because i imagine that azure assessing. It is probably not an easy swim for you. But i don't know that. I don't know the conditions but i have been in those situations like i'm barely doing this. How am i going to help the other. Well exactly. yeah and the other thing is arriving on side. You know you're a missed in chaos And i've let this through my with the service you arrive at a big accident sane. And it's not an draining flashing lots everywhere. It's very disorienting. The farm and the police ambulance paypal and and it just. It's a shock when you jump out of that helicopter. Get out of the car to at that same. Well that's what i felt like. When we arrived on sought at thailand. They were people everywhere and they're all wearing different uniforms the opposite nays in mud. It's rining the media is enormous in its presence Always cameras in vices relates painful from australia. What am i going gonna contribute. Are you welcomed now. We had a local fisa. A tie guy who works for the australian embassy who was leading us through this. But it was still very coyote. In a sense and i've well-meaning mafikeng feeling was unable to s- fun. Rick and john liberty stores and just talked to them to ground myself and to get some information about the kype because as you rightly pointed out fist. Party was to mine safety. I'll have to make sure that. I can safely this caved the kids and i remember rick sign. All harry. United states sporting. But i think you'll be all right. I mean that's like edmund. Hillary telling you that it's just a bit of a joke to the top of the hill base a side good. These guys are like world-class legislates and and for rick and johnson through this guy of inside. It's not too bad. Really i defined myself because if i can't get myself to the end of the cave anaheim safely then there's nothing i can do for these children. So and he said it was quite a lot of pressure on me to just go in the next day and stop and mesa tossing these children. Okay wait wait wait wait wait wait. I wanna go to the pressure piece for minute. What does that mean. There was a lot of pressure on me. Well rick and john and bob into other british Dolphins had arrived working with the time. Ib seals were wyking some allah Skype 'davis on the same. And i wit and closely with the local government. And this this plan to anesthetize the children and bring them out. Unconscious head started to really take hold Despite the fact that. I'd tell that i thought it was preposterous end. Impossible but you brought your medicine now. I didn't bring any medicine. But i bought a plan in my hair but really jump on applying flawed and thailand with a bag full of should do drugs For jurisco done the same thing. It's still didn't come back okay. Good so. I know it wasn't going to do that but i knew i had the The whole thai army medical corps on disposal. If you're not actually sent her a recipe list in a whole list of medications. Which i had toyed with the idea of using so i'd send that aid side the everything would be in place. Should we go down this path. But i was a long way. From being convinces. This was the best option. And for the most. Since i was the guy who would be wielding the syringe ahead to make sure that it was the only option before i was gonna anywhere anyway because for several reasons i was convinced that this would result in the death of every single. One of those children show. I wasn't in backing on that lot right. So this is true. Expedition of Trek edition in a different way. You're not trying to summit something. You're trying to save something. Someone was this. Your training. That was leading to that That decision or was this an intuition you had that there was some sort of psychology involved. Some sort of human behavior that was involving putting a needle in these young compromised. Humans is going to be far more dangerous than try to relax them to swim for a long period of time underwater or be dragged. However it goes will i guess this was equal paths the science and the about four on a scientific level. There was several major concerns. That i i had about whether this could possibly work and some of the is had been validated in the training. That we'd done the scenarios that we'd run for example on one occasion wondering whether whether it would be possible to bring out an unconscious keva underwater and say i modeled that bar pretending to be unconscious for the full face mask on so that i didn't have to hold a regulator in my mouth described in and out of the mosque and table to drag me round on the water on a stretch and very quickly i found incrementally a little bit of water started to enter the mosque and elissa two active steps to clear that then inevitably are felt. I would have drowned. So based on that and several other sociological principles around anesthesia and diving. I could just say all these little holes happening up. That would inevitably kill these kids. The second thing was this is completely unprecedented. No one has ever been a nascent. Housed and immersed with the exception of one person edgar pask who was a british physiologist. Who is working in the second world war and ostlund about it passed during my anesthesia training because he invented a pace equipment that we use but the way invented it was that he wanted to test the my west loch jackets apology using the english channel. And the idea was. I needed to know for sure. All when the life jacket would keep the amens head out of the water if the and was unconscious and so he got some payable to flight around in a pool and fine unconsciousness. Spe couldn't be convinced that they were really being unconscious and promptly floppy And maybe they were rotting themselves at the last moment so he had himself a ties into by and putting the pool On the loft jacket and thus proved that the law decades do wick. so.

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