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Returns fifteen. Twenty percent year-over-year returns just contacted back. Some of the listeners we talk about what you guys are doing is a crowd funding platform, but more specifically syndications than just for you guys out there who don't know what indication is. I mean, just the easy example, like throughout their just think about you taking a trip you get on a plane in, you know, every single passenger that that's on that plane has purchased a plane ticket to wherever it is the destination is, but collectively there's you know, there's one plane collectively all these people are paying a certain portion of the fuel charges portion of the salaries and so on so forth. That is a syndication met is weary. You take pools of money to strive towards a common goal for everybody. That's involved. So you take that. And you think about real estate in new take a bunch of investors who know individually or may not have the funds to invest in some of these, you know, some of these really are offerings. But you take the power of the people you looking out for the people who are not able to get into some of these investments. Some of these accredited. Investments taking what you're doing kind of thinking about the average Joe somebody who's out there listening who's looking to get involved. What are the garments for them? How much do they need? Do. They need to be accredited as a certain threshold is only offer during certain periods. Kinda kinda walk us through that process. The ads what we're forming here something that just ten percent of your net worth wouldn't have a low minimum amount two thousand in two thousand dollars. That means your net worth is. As speaks loonier residents. Maybe ten thousand to to get involved with something. So if you own if your cars were ten thousand dollars different Claire, that's that that would be NetWorth extend your personal residency have if you have a Bank account with money or other types of assets. So we're focusing on an asset class that it's a little bit too big for the Montpon esters, and it's too small for that large institutional investors, we do compete with them from time to time. So we're in this asset class that's between about a twenty million dollar value. One hundred million dollar value average person that they don't have enough money to get into those assets and the larger guys it's too small from. Do these multimillion dollar to win a million dollar deals? So those assets that you gotta ask yourself. Okay. You know, what why? Why can't get involved in? It's always comes to Kay who are the gatekeepers of these assets brokers nebr- dealer world. So what what are they motivated on while they're motivated on commissions? Right. And you want to get paid. So they're like, okay. Do they wanna talk to a hundred people? Do they wanna talk to you? Are they going to talk to you do not talk to a hedge fund? They're gonna talk to that high net worth guy who's got five million. Plus they want that big. Well, that's all they care about. Because that big mission check they're looking for fifty a hundred thousand dollars conditions. So are they going to ever talk the average person they might say it not gonna do it? Nationalities. So they're going to spend their all their time there in that world. And so where does that leave the average investor? How are they going to have access to this while they might have access to you might say someone say, hey, what about the publicly traded reach that are on the stock market. Yeah. But that look those returns to three percent. I mean, they're not return of these higher higher returns. So how'd you get involved while MRs what we're trying to do through crowdfunding through Diversey funds get involved into you know, higher than better. Overall return than he gets to the stock market into the saints sane asset. Classes is ultra rich in the wealthy low the in I wanna highlight again, the fact that these investments like before twenty fourteen these investments were not privy to the average investor. I mean, you're talking about investment thousand dollars into a multimillion dollar asset. I mean, this is this was unheard of in..

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