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That to me is driving me crazy bill polian goal that rent well he's dicky's nonsense it's not says the players podcast i don't even think we're going on a limb contracts are so onesided that for you to say they're openly onesided that for anyone to say you should under the contract that's it's that is such a dumb argument that i don't even want to acknowledge know so the true thing is i do agree that julio unfortunately is going to be a lesson for a lot of people and kirk cousins showed us the result of that lesson three year deals if you wanna only trust us for three years then don't my ego does not need to have a big number for years four and five and six that i might not see right just give me my three and if you wanna lock in longterm than make those years guaranteed to sure but the problem is i think they go we're going to be the highest paid wide receiver and the total numbers going to be ninety eight but you really only see sixty and then they use your your your i don't even know what i want to say your love for football against you like aaron rodgers and julio jones well if you give a six years at a lower the cab number and these guys are like well they wanna win they wanna be good teams they wanna play because they wanna be all time greats yes and then they bowed the team and nobody ever takes into account that they did that for the team and now here they are wanting to be you know a paid accordingly and people are mad about that either way julio jones i mean he has the right and he should do this and i'm like you where does this end up do they right told no i don't know if they rip it up i'm going to go they go gronk way like new england did last year right that's feel and we're going to throw in some incentives and some bonus yes exactly right that are probably going to be pretty easy for a guy like him to accomplish to where he can get an extra eight five million dollars a year something like that to me it feels two things one i'm reminded again of the show billions which i just caught up to and it's great but everyone that show is is asking for favors and i'm always like you're asking for so many favors like you're gonna lose track i feel like that's in contract negotiations these guys like help out the team and they do a favor and they're never they're never reciprocate like only quarterbacks are rewarded for that tony romo tom brady drew brees they get paid back later i don't feel like anyone else does he does this another reason everybody doesn't like the quarterback the other thing is too is i think about relationships if you've ever been in a relationship and in the beginning super casual and it's a lot of fun and oh wow like julio is just he so loyal and he doesn't ask for anything whatever okay well we're like seven eight years in now julio's changed yeah people in relationships change and i i don't think that it's if they thought holy was never gonna speak i was never gonna ask for any he won't even notice that sammy watkins is making two million more than him it's it's crazy of course he's going it's almost to me insulting that they're like well julio you've been so quiet now reward me for being quiet he was three years ago okay but you know that when you gave me that contract years four five and six we're not going to be the same and tear them up he could have probably dealt with it until he saw that his quarterback was gonna make more than double of him and then he was like okay i'm officially insulted now now it's got a chain i think it was the perfect storm the wide receiver market had a lot of it wasn't a great free agency class so guys like sammy walking than him right jarvis his quarterback got double his money was called the face of the franchise we've argued before i think julio's fans of the franchise and.

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