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Sipping a pina colada getting a sun tan turning more orange. Next day. You're in Rikers, Ireland, introducing yourself to your new roommate who has different interests that could be the near future for the president. What did this mean for the Supreme Court 7 to 2 decisions, saying he has to turn his taxes over to the Manhattan district attorney? But we'll find out we'll talk to the Washington Post and Fahrenthold and try to get to the bottom of that. That's all coming up. I'm Chip Franklin Inferno Commodore. This is KGO. Special report trumps taxes, at least for now to Supreme Court rulings today keep the president's taxes and financial information private. The court is asking Congress for more information. While Fornell blocking release of the president's data. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the court has reaffirmed the Congress's authority to conduct oversight on behalf of the American people. As it asked for further information from Congress. Congress is constitutional responsibility to uncover the truth specifically related to the President. Russia connection That he is hiding. In the other ruling, the Supreme Court upheld the Manhattan New York district attorney's demand for Trump's tax returns, but kept a hold on financial records pending further consideration. Trump tweeted the Supreme Court since the case back to lower court arguments to continue this is all a political prosecution. Unquote. I'm Mike Morse. Police in Seoul, South Korea, are just reporting that they have found the body of the mayor of that city, the largest city in South Korea. He has been missing for at least today. A search is continuing in California for missing glee. Actress Naya Rivera more from correspondent Jim Rupert's son is fine. He was found sleeping on a rented pontoon boat Wednesday evening, Rivera and her son read to the boat. On Lake Piru in Ventura County north of Los Angeles County. Sheriff's deputies say the boy told them that he and his mother went swimming. He got back on the boat. Rivera did not. The search was suspended Wednesday evening. It's resumed now. It's unclear the circumstances, but deputies believe it's just a tragic accident. 1.3 million Mohr first time unemployment claims filed last week, pushing to nearly 50 million the number that's been filed in just the last four months of the pandemic. On Wall Street. The Dow.

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