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One seven two five four ten thirty four eighty eight nine two nine ten thirty nine side with Dan ray on WBZ newsradio well good evening everybody and welcome on in it is a Wednesday night lots going on here in New England and there's also a situation down in Philadelphia that dawn half will be monitoring in the news room and will monitor here as well as in sure most of you know by now who listen to the news of the listen news for a for an hour so for about three hours there is an active shooting situation going on in Philadelphia six Philadelphia police officers had been wounded and are receiving treatment it doesn't appear from what I understand that any of the rooms are life threatening but when six police officers wounded in a shoot out in that shootout situation is still on going we will keep you posted on it as the evening goes on we are obviously going to continue with our programming there's not much we can do except monitor it for you and dawn is monitoring it in the news room as well but at a time when even yesterday I guess Elizabeth Warren was making some comments that police unions have reacted to pretty critically we'll talk about that a little bit later on it's it's just shows the the danger of the job no matter where you are if you were any uniform if you have a badge and a gun you take your life literally in your hands every day when you report for work most obviously any of us can be killed in a car accident can have a crane drop on us but if you're a police officer I think the chances of you being hurt or worse on any given day is is is a lot greater than yours or mine and which is one of the reasons I think we need to protect and and they protect us we need in turn I think to be supportive of them now but some let's get to the to the show as I move maneuver with the microphone here we have a lot of equipment here some of it is interesting to work with I'll leave that alone my name is Dan ray and the host of night side and Nancy shack the producer of this program is in the control room along with rob Brooks going to set you up to participate in our conversation tonight as I mentioned we will be talking at at nine o'clock tonight we expected talked at data collected I'd about Elizabeth Warren's comments about the murder of Michael brown she was given for Pinocchio's by The Washington Post for that inaccurate comment she supposed to be a lawyer is supposed to be a law school professor you would think that she would understand that there was no indictment returned in that case never mind to trial never mind conviction so unless she wants to sort of assume that she has more wisdom in what happened there than than a grand jury in Missouri and and a federal investigation by the department of justice under president Obama for her to use the word murder wait way over the line as far as I'm sure what type of the immigration laws has some changes route immigration regulations that the trump administration now has it it says they will impose the not imposed immediately will try to work through that we have some sound with the the acting US citizenship and immigration services director Ken Cuccinelli will have all of that but first we have a story here for the younger to Boston area that I think most of you are familiar with so I'm hoping that you'll weigh in on this one for us there is a judge I'm sure many of you have heard the story her name is Shelly Joseph's she earns what judges are in Massachusetts a pretty decent wage a hundred and eighty four thousand dollars and she was indicted by a federal grand jury in April along with a retired court officer they were indicted on federal charges of obstructing justice in aiding and abetting for allegedly interfering with a federal investigation ever you might remember she had in front of her a a Dominican national was had some warrants out for him out of Pennsylvania there was an ice officer who was in the court room the ice office who was told to leave the court room in to sit in the lobby of the courthouse and the officials of the new district court sure the ace the ice officer that the individual who we had an interest in this this a defendant he would he would be brought out to him in the lobby once the judicial proceeding concluded well the judicial proceeding concluded after some activity the court room that some people have found very suspicious a recording was turned off the recorder recorders never supposed to be turned off at the bench certainly on the instruction of the judge and the Dominican national was allowed to leave the courthouse to a back door and at that and there is the the rob now the US attorney into Wellings office has indicted judge Joseph at this point she maintains the presumption of innocence as any criminal defendant does but as often can happen there can be administrative administrative actions that are taken against on public officials a when they are indicted and one of the is the actions that were taken against judge Joseph by always state Supreme Court in April was to suspend her from the bench with I'll pay so she suspended as of April without pay now her lawyer went into the courts here in the state Supreme Court in Massachusetts and argued in late January in late June that her pay should be restored in the going full which you should receive her pay and late yesterday our state Supreme Court by a ruling of five to one restored her pay five justices reading now from an article out of the Boston Herald ordered that Joseph the Newton District Court judge receiver back pay and all of the benefits they did reject her attorney's request that she should be able to perform administrative duties during her suspension soap to her credit she is willing to work for her Hey however the court has kind of giving her the best of both worlds doesn't have to work and she'll get her full salary and benefits she is too I guess a retroactive salary of about fifty one thousand one hundred forty six dollars according to a spokeswoman for the state courts now one justice Frank does Yano issued a descent they said was a five to one decision and he wrote quote because this decision smacks of preferential treatment and thereby erodes public confidence in the judiciary I cannot join my colleagues now the question before you have a nice site audience right now is does this action by the state Supreme Court surprise you what is your reaction to it do you think the judge Joseph should receive her salary while under indictment her lawyer said that at least he would he read one of the concurring decisions according to the lawyer now from the article in the Herald like Andrew Martinez and merry Marcos the lawyer attorney Keating said he's worried this is one of the other judges that she didn't have compensation as result of the supreme court's original order they might impinge on her ability to defend that defense well first of all I would hope the judge Joseph would have enough funds to pay her lawyer ended at her age I believe she's in her early fifties that she and her husband would have some money put away to you deal with a rainy day I don't know how the decision will come out I guess she's due back in court on September tenth great final status conference who was he to me a fairly simple case and I was really the interest of justice I think it should be moved quickly into the into the court system and maybe have a tried as early as October or November and either convict judge Joseph of this obstruction of justice charge in aiding and abetting obviously the the feds were very concerned that a Massachusetts District Court judge would allow someone who is wanted by ice to sneak out the back door of the courthouse do you think that you would ever be given that courtesy for some reason I don't think so let's assume that you were arrested and somehow there was a warrant out for you from another jurisdiction do you think that any judge or do you think that your lawyer lawyer your own attorney would say to the judge your honor I hate to tell you this but my guy deserves a presumption of innocence here and I know you not sure where this but there's there's some sheriff's deputies from another jurisdiction and as soon as we walk out he's going to be arrested because they got a warrant for okay I mean that's you know came to court today and he's going to face the charges that it did you just a random on but anyway you can allow us to sneak out the back door do you think that under any circumstances under any circumstances a District Court judge in Massachusetts would say you know I think you're right I think you're right let's let's make him out the back door now I wouldn't care if the sheriff's old or the marshals or whichever law enforcement agency we're waiting for that for you whether they were from Massachusetts another New England state or for that matter from anywhere else in the country you're not going to be given that courtesy so this is the issue that I think ultimately it's going to go before the court but in in terms of what you're thinking tonight is do you think that her back pay that she should be paid while suspended again she did offer it probably realized the corporate never allow it to do some administrative paperwork to up I guess justify her one hundred eighty four thousand dollars salary it does anyone out there who is ever been allowed any American citizen who's been allowed out the back door by a judge in Massachusetts to avoid them being arrested on an outstanding process please give us a call because I'd love to know how that is done and I want to get your reaction to is this just a bunch of judges having made the right decision in April now having thought about it and said wait a second we're withholding the pay of another judge we can't do that where judges the confraternity of judges won't allow it I would bet you there's plenty of judges in Massachusetts some of whom I have had the honor of knowing who are looking at this and are not very happy with the ruling from the Massachusetts state Supreme Court in effect the state Supreme Court did a one hundred eighty on this they said in April no.

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