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Miley Liam Broady, Hank, REA discussed on Chicks in the Office


Maybe they were really like maybe they're in love because maybe they are but yeah. It's also liam rebounding together on their italian vacation which is great. Honestly i'm really happy for uh-huh oh look hank just walked in hangs filling in for noah right now who is also not in new york because fran and noah love taking nice beach vacations. That's beautiful full like hank who likes taking vacations. No me never hang. Do you have any you get one sentence right here. Why we i i i would like to clarify that. Ria was invited to be this week. I was and i said i couldn't come because oh just rea- the up and i said i go because us hangs parents were here well. They were when i invited rea- when i invited hank she thought that you were actually going to be on this weekend but she confused the week. I use the wiffle. I tournament weekends got. It got it so if i was going to be here though rea- wouldn't have been invited. No no i wouldn't have went problem. If if you were both available then you would have both been invited right exactly yeah all right. Thank you get one sentence right now about miley liam broady and caitlyn and what are your thoughts on the subject matter. The door is still open. Okay okay all right. We'll leave it at that. Thank you they. Yes okay moving on though if miley if i did it with a guy the doors closed uh-huh oh so you think that if miley started hooking up with another dude that liam would be like okay. I'm really out. No i think i mean i think liam is is just out in general because he just being with another person he. I don't think he can get past it. That's what i'm hearing rumors on. The street. Leandra can't get past having an open relationship with miley the understand right but it goes back to one thousand phase. It's over. How many phases can miley go through. She's already done that though yeah i think i think you only get two times and then well relationship. It's not a phase anymore but if she's happy with caitlin carter. I guess that's good but caitlin carter while i people and now re i really catch myself saying every time wild comes out of my mouth. I'm like off rant. Pick another word. Oh oh because i told you about that review yeah well. Whoever wrote that review we read it and fran is now self conscious. I'm trying so hard but i think we've already said like five times in this in this gordon. I just know that we're working on it. We're working on it trying so your final answer on this is that you think that they both split from their husbands and they got together and ran off tiddly yet 'cause i. It just seems like there with molly's sister also brandy and i would i think brandy the and kayla have been friends <hes> but i just it's what makes matters even just crazier crazier..

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