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Loaded. Gary McNamara and Eric Harley on Red Eye Radio all around the world and across America. We are he's Eric Harley and I'm Gary McNamara. Just reading this here from Elizabeth Warren. She was on Twitter, yesterday's saying that she will not go on Fox News that she was invited to do a town hall, and Fox News. But I'm turning them down. And she posted why Fox News is a hate for profit racket that gives a megaphone to racist. And those that promote conspiracy theories, it's designed to turn us against each other. Risking life and death consequences to provide cover for the corruption. That's running our government and Halloween out our middle class and of quote, I don't know. I think that's hate speech against the media. I think that if Elizabeth Warren became president, that she would try to get rid of the first amendment, you know, she is a tacking the media. Yeah. As a president. Candidate. It sounds like she's saying Fox News is the enemy of the people he absolutely right. And, and so we need to have this, the stop she's, she's trying to take away people's first amendment rights by stating this. Yeah. By does this, does this sound familiar, folks? I think that we should call her out on that he's saying Fox News is the enemy of the people. Trying to take away our first amendment rights. Yeah. All right. We had to do so she hasn't dropped out of the race yet. No, no. She's retooling to. Oh, yeah, they're all retooling everybody. Everybody now is in the retooling stage, there's Biden and Bernie and the rest of the group that says, hey, we're still here or reintroduction. They're reintroducing themselves. I saw one article in the headline was something to the effect of bets aerobics wife hits, the campaign trail with them for the first time ever. And I thought. I is that going to make the difference? Mrs beco-. She makes the difference. Here's that line. From fourteen hours ago. Work attempts to reboot his campaign on the view bemoans his privilege and elitist campaign launch. This former Representative better rock of Texas. Tried rebooting his twenty twenty campaign on the view Tuesday admitting that he made some missteps he's specifically indicated that he rented saying he sometimes raised his son, and that his Vanity Fair cover reinforced to perception that he was privileged. When co host bay are asked to be thought the Vanity Fair cover looked elitist O'Rourke nodded, his head. Oh, yeah. I think it reinforces the perception of privilege. He also clarified that he wasn't trying to say that he was just born to be in the twenty twenty race. Remember that one? Yeah. I was born. Right. As vanity fair's headline might have suggested. I have a lot to learn. I was attending to say that I felt that my call him was in public service. No one is born to be president United States least of all me. That is the spirit that you look that may if, if look, we give everybody campaign advice, and I would like to give some campaign advice to a rock, that might not you might not want that to be your calling card when you're running for president of the United States. Well, it's the anti euphoria. This is what the love when I talked about the president and his his rally in Panama City beach last week. And I was watching it. I watched it the next day, you, and I don't get to see them when they're in the evening, we don't get to see them because we sleep through him. And he posted on his official page the video of the whole thing, the whole speech and all of it. And the one thing that was really coming out through that was the energy and it was massive energy there. It was. You felt that kind of I don't know if you four you is the right word, but certainly a ton of very positive forward moving energy. Momentum. I don't get that from any of the candidates on the left at this point, maybe we'll develop. But it's not there now. And you think about this whole idea of relaunching? He's basically saying, yeah, I don't know why anybody would vote for. On privileged. I really screwed up my launch. I'm privileged. Fair thing was just awful. I'm privileged. I came off as a list. I'm privileged. I it because the nets very I'm thinking to myself, if I'm on that couch. I'm I'm, I'm begging to ask one question. Well, wait a minute. Would would it make sense to vote for you? Well, I'm thinking to that. If, if I was going to run for political office. Right. Even if I was more liberal running as Democrats just too dang hard what? Because you can't win. You gotta figure up Vanity Fair calls and says we want to do a cover story. You're thinking, oh man. This is it. Here we go. I'm going to go from that guy in Texas who almost beat Ted Cruz. To being the president and it's going to start right? I mean this is it. It's the big time, Vanity Fair. Best thing you know, you're on the view going. Oh, that was a horrible. That was so bad. Man's that I looked privilege, I have held up. I would have if he was going down that road. You know, one wants the question was asked, and I was another panelist there at the view, which is not going to happen. But if I were sitting there, I would have had the vaccine outgoing okay would you have chosen this picture because, you know, he's going to go. Oh, no. No, no, no. That was horrible picture to just slam everything. Yeah. But he he went from from stay saying that. That he was born to be present in the United States to that of everybody born in the United States he is the least of all of them. That'd be president. Right. That's probably not a way to frame, the argument when you're running for president of the United States, just saying he realized with this brand new approach that says. Yeah. I'm not the guy. Please vote for me for president United States of all the three hundred and twenty million citizens who might deserve to be president. I am the least of them. Please vote for me, right? I don't deserve to be president, this ad paid for by roared. I'm bento and I kind of approve this, I'd probably won't be approving this at tomorrow. I think most of us probably would take the gamble and say, well, I'm not what anybody's born to be, but all three hundred and twenty million Americans. I'm sure hells better choice than half of you. Let's just first of all a cameraman. Can you get a shot of this audience? Let's look at these people, none of these people could ever be president. Exactly. That's why you need me. Could you imagine Trump at a rally if Trump right now said, I was born to be in this position. I was born to be president. I mean his the people would go. Oh, yeah. The rally would go crazy. Oh, yeah. It would have the opposite effect. Now. He would be MSNBC. He was he was born to be president was born to be president has talked to God. But it wouldn't matter. No, it doesn't matter. It would it wouldn't matter at all it, he would still be hated but his people with. But. To say of all three hundred twenty million people that may have been, you know, may may deserve to be president or were born to be president. I'm the least of them. Please vote for me. Yeah. I just let it. So how, how does he phrases? Disclaimer in the ads paid for by his campaign. I'm bell roar. Can I? Kind of approve this. I, I, I probably won't approve this message tomorrow. Catch up with me next week when I'm on the view. Oh man. I mean. I quit. If I'm giving you advice, I, there's just no way to go on you. You just. Quick, just be done that all it may be time to get a real job. Yes. Board factory or something. The private sector may be calling me. Well. I don't know how you take that and create you for you. Yeah. The least of which there, there has to be there has to be a huge comedown because remember, we're not even we're not even a year pass view the election of last year. Think about this. And to to go from the high of where he even after even after losing to Ted Cruz, how close he came the high that where he is. Now. It's like nobody cares. Yeah. Oh, it's that guy. Oh, yeah. That's not going well. But see, well, this describes this describes what's going on in every case, except right now, Biden, think about this. Yeah, you're right Biden the whole creepy gate thing went on for a week. With. You had women this post hashtag need to get women coming out saying, well, you know, he, he didn't cross a legal line, but certainly an ethical line, and it was weird. It was odd the whole thing and his numbers went up. Well think about this. Would you would you run for political office and you're hearing, the national show, you and I would want to be discussing the issues. Here's where I stand, this should be done. This should be done. I believe the guy that the incumbent is, who is the incumbent is doing this wrong this wrong this wrong this wrong. What's he talking about, right? He's talking about the perception that he was that he's privileged. Think about that. You're running for the highest office in the land. And instead of talking about the issues you're talking about the fact that the imagery of the perception was I, I was privileged. I regret saying about how I raised my son, could you imagine having to talk about your family and regret. I'll I'm sorry. What I thought my family and my wife and whatever I never even get into those topics, because that would just be I love my family. My kids are great. My, my, my wife has been a fantastic. Now, let's talk the issues when you're a liberal, he's, he's just, he's not talking about justifying the issues. He's believe in that he believes in and how we should you know, put them into legistlation. He's talking about the fact of whether he's personally qualified to be president of the United States because of all the wrong things that he has said about himself and his family that had to do the perception of how he's raised his kids. And whether the perception of whether he is a privileged white, man. Thank about that. Right. I couldn't I would never I would never run for political office anyway. That's not my thing. But even if I thought about it, I'd say, democrat. No, that's that's where I'm stuck if I'm going to run as a Republican what am I talking about? I'll be talking about the issues. We're talking about Mark Cuban saying that he's still might run as an independent Mark Cuban said a long time ago. If he did run an a party, he'd picked Republicans could you imagine Mark Cuban trying to run. In the democrat party would be impossible while you're a privileged white, man. Tell me aside, from Biden, Bernie Goetz Bernie doesn't have the, the Bernie thing doesn't have the same energy at this point that it did know it takes six no does that, that could change. But I don't know why it what I don't know what would bring new momentum to it. But. Otherwise, it's Biden. What's the energy behind Biden, that it's not on issues? It's not. It's almost as if we're doing everything about Biden, that they don't that. They would ignore about Aurora or anybody else because Biden, we believe the most electable right that we the only event is the poll, a plurality, that's not a majority of Kratz. So he still if he ever if he once we get into the debate season, there are going to be plenty of people throwing arrows by. Yes. But those throwing arrows are the ones polling in single numbers, and Iraq and the throwing of the euro's is that necessarily going to ended up at self isn't necessarily going to get you there. Get you to those double digits or to the top nobody all the people throwing EROs everybody. When you take all their two, three four five six seven eight percentage points all the way up to ten percent is roughly fifty percent of the people out there a of the democrat. So they all are extremely liberal that are that are for all those candidates out there. So it may be not just the candidates throwing arrows, but others in the media throwing arrows to all all at one guy and gives still gives no momentum. That's the -ssarily. You're the one single camp. Absolutely eight six six ninety redeye..

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