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Be full for a long time. I'm Samantha Fields for marketplace. His final note on the way out today, which may well be even after everything that has gone on so far this year. This may be the sign of the apocalypse is upon us, Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC. Is the actual approved branding, I think, anyway, KFC hears the news from a press release headlined Meat of the Future. The company is working with a Russian three D printing firm. And here's the quote. Using additive bio printing technology, using chicken cells and plant material to reproduce the taste and texture of chicken meat almost without involving animals in the process. Now, yes, Industrial trick informing is unpalatable at best. But What Marketplaces, supported by C three dot a. I see. Three got a software enables organizations to use artificial intelligence at enterprise scale solving previously unsolvable business problems. Learn more at sea three dot ay ay. All right. We are.

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