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Com that's UHC dot com plan benefits may vary It's three 38 Traffic and weather on the 8s to Joe Conway in the TOP traffic center starting off in Maryland on the adult with the capitol bell with usual volume delays as you leave old Georgetown roads with the American legion bridge I two 70 sound delays out of Frederick heading toward clarksburg with a crash now reported south on two 70 just south of I 70 they're on their way to check it out watch for the flashing lights I 70 eastbound slowing through Hagerstown at I 81 slowing through southbound toward myersville and then again slowing out of Braddock heights into Frederick I 81 southbound Your crash was south of route 40 It's a left lane remains blocked but you're still crawling from the Pennsylvania line in north down slowing to take a look On the trip 95 south Vandelay is approaching two 12 nothing currently reported blocking there On the Baltimore Parkway south on delays leaving one 98 toward a report at crash new NASA got it there it sounds as if only a single lane is able to get by 50 west bundle is leaving the bay bridge heading toward cape saint Clair Nothing currently reported blocking prince George's county crash shuts down temple hill road at last report between Allentown road and Kirby road driving in Virginia 95 southbound slow out of Springfield toward woodbridge with the crash near lorton on the right part of the southeast low out of triangle most of the way toward Fredericksburg across to the Senate park where he can find to the left shoulder 95 north on delays out of ladysmith toured in a long slow ride indeed with the reports of any problems to block the easy pass lanes are fully northbound on the district trips three 95 south to lays out of the tunnel toward the case bridge two 95 southbound blowing delays from eastern avenue 20s capital street Brought to by Panera they believe in saying yes to things such as the new grilled Mac and cheese sandwich featuring macaroni topped with Parmesan crisps get $1 delivery when you order on the app Panera live your yes as restrictions apply I'm joking WTI traffic Now to sturm team for a meteorologist Michelle Grossman You want to bundle up today we're looking at blustery conditions once again temperatures in the mid 40s but with winds blowing your 25 mph at least gusting is gonna feel colder than that And then tonight clouds.

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