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Said if they got it at the right price of fifth fourth round, pick potentially is because of the season in the preseason. That's unprecedented. It's a lot to put to rookie. Tight ends. Throw them right into the mix in have super high expectations for them when they're not getting the time to learn the system to practice at like they normally would, so how someone okay? Place for the Patriots. He's been in the League for years before so I. Think Makes Sense if it's at the right price for for him. Yeah and certainly everybody's GonNa Point back to the rookie year so. Rob, Gronkowski, and Aaron Hernandez together. They as you said had an offseason full offseason they had ot as. In, the training camp to go through, and certainly they were in a much better position. Than, the Patriots in any NFL teamed with rookies face right now given the pandemic I. Don't know about you, but I'm starting to think and we. We knew from last week that the NFL The a really voted essentially not to have a pre season. There is a stipulation in some type of memorandum of understanding. With the NFL, there would be some type of preseason I think one or two games, tops and I think one game and you're getting into the regular season. Absolutely the shortened pre season is so huge for rookies, especially going into this offense, I mean you saw how hard it was for Nicole Harry last year and he, he had a full preseason, he obviously had an injury that set a back milestones, but notoriously it takes awhile for rookies to get up to speed in the system I mean you mentioned Rob Gronkowski's rookie season and how it was different, but I was even looking back at it recently incredible touchdown. Production out of GROP, but he didn't play her huge amount of snaps his rookie campaign. He was just really productive in the end zone when he was out there so I think that's the one that situation in David Joke who that does make a little bit of sense when it when you're talking about this cap spaces, the know how so I'm bringing Rob Gronkowski's. Stats since you. Up. Appropriate to do so, and this is the part of the podcast were pausing is Mike Rouses? Career a one rob Gronkowski..

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