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All those drops same guys. Same call. Was one of the highlights of the week. Yesterday, as I was waiting to do my rants for the NFL on CBS on the pre game show. I was in a trailer waiting my turn. So a lot of waiting around on a weekend. Like that everybody has to wait. Understandably. It's understood and I was sharing a trailer a small trailer. I shared a trailer with Travis Kelsey. Russell wilson. Von miller. Troy, vincent. Dave Whelan tonight. And that was really really interesting Kelsey, man. He is an awesome, dude. He he is a really really good, dude. You know, I often say to you that none of these guys are what they appear night. We don't know any of these guys Travis Kelsey pretty much is exactly the way. He appears you ever seen that. Mcdonald's commercial where he's ordering. He's got that gigantic smile on his face. That's how he was in the trailer, really happy. Really engaging really nice to everybody talking to everybody. You know, had time really happy to see his peers really happy to see people. He didn't know. He's a really good, dude. Really good, dude. And I pulled him aside. And I said man do the hat. The hats hilarious, and he knew exactly what I was talking about. He laughed. He laughed. He he was standing off to the side when I did my head and right before I went on, you know, he was of doing his thing. And I was doing my thing we were on the air yet. And I walked up to him. And I kinda give them a little nudge. He didn't see me kind. Like, I think I them a little bit startled him a little bit. I said you are, bro. Watch with this place. Does when I picked ramps. He just thought that was so funny. He's such a good, dude. He thought everything was funny. So that's one of those guys. Travis kelsey. He's exactly what you think. I said, dude, I got say this story about Andy Reid, and I told the hobby air story, he didn't know hobby airs, and he he said Andy Reid the best man. He loves Andy Reid loves him loves him. And then when I walked down and Rome, Rome, Rome, what's the name of that restaurant? I said havi airs, bro. Trust me on that ask about one more guy. Travis mom and Eric b enemy. I said dude when he used to place to put him on the show. He was so good. He was so great to talk to man this guy. Had amazing attitude. Create interviewing tough man, so tough is that called do. Let me tell you about that guy loves him too. So the Travis Kelsey experience was tremendous. I had a long talk also in the trailer which ROY Vincent. NS detroit. Remember back in the day. When you Emma Mantica came out at the same time on never forget when you guys came out the exact same time, and the big talk was who are you gonna take? Who? Would you rather have Terrell? Buckley, Troy, Vincent, two totally different guys toy different players in by the way. I think my son's gonna go to Wisconsin. Troy Vincent also part of the badger, mafia. Same exact reaction, he said what they all say, Rome. If you need anything at all you come to me. You ask me I will set it up. I will take care of it never seen anything like that badger, mafia. They are so proud of their school. I try to hit Russell Wilson with the same thing. He was not quite as forthcoming with you offer to help out, but he did go to NC state to he was only Wisconsin for one year. Ellen Benjamin Watson, by the way. Man Mahmad is so classy and really good on TV really really good on TV. Everybody loved him. So there is some good behind the scenes stuff. And then all the guys not to mention the nine guys that we had on every single day during the show. Baker was cool shall Watson's for Mattis? He's awesome. And then there are some sleeper. Some of the interviews. It takes me back. Clones. What did you like from last week asked me any question? I guess. How about Alvin Kamara? He was fun Alvin Kamara was great Alvin Kamara did not come in. And I thought that he kind of sugar coat that or go political about how they got jammed by the referees. He was having. None of that. I got to admit I was a little surprised the way he showed up when I mentioned that game. What's.

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