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He's lab not not that. I think he would ever admit that. But sort of had that feeling. Fendi was a it was a beautiful show. And his presence was quite strong in that. There were elements of his dress incorporated into the clothing. Now. The the big the big thing, of course was set. I mean, Michelle Goldberg whose his musical collaborate ahead. Ref- reconfigured the Fendi soundtrack. So it was caused favorite song zeros and and ended with heroes David Bowie, which apparently is his was his favorite song. Which actually surprised me? I don't know why imagined it would be something by Marla or what is something. More more classical. Babs. But the the the soundtrack profanity was these the mix of songs was was quite buoyant wasn't remotely said am and then for Chanel Michelle used Philip clause, which of course, is soaring, and spiritual and kind of celestial and then ending in heroes again. And at the end of the Fendi show that were we're lot of tears backstage to a lot of tears. I'm I had a lovely conversation with Sylvia, and it was to see how much he was just ingrained in people's lives at Fendi there for six it's it's basically, it's your beloved grandfather dying, you know, and and and the patriarch and also at talion emotional. That was a joke about how you know front. Power Sloan w will be crying the end of the shown Paris for the French, the French don't cry. But but and then obviously, the Chanel show was huge. I mean, it was another great big rebuilding. An alpine village in inside the Grand Palais with smoke coming from the chimneys of the shallow in the snow deepen Crispin even on the ground. Not that. We'd synthetics now either it was quite nice fakes now. And then stick to your shoes. It didn't make me feel sort of asthmatic. Exactly. I'm and then at the end, and then again, a very superstrong show, which reminded me of those wonderful shows in the eighties celebrated the sort of bigness of Chanel, and the and the super model unless of Chanel, and the girls cannot heroes was playing in everybody stood up and just clapped and clapped. And Clint and waited and wasted. An is almost like they were waiting for him. It was like we haven't was craning their neck, and this is what we stayed in the area fresh leave. Yeah, they just stood in Clapton Clapton Klatt, and I found that. With heroes. I could almost cry. Now thinking about it. I found that very very emotional because that was probably the first time it really hit me because we didn't always see him at Fandy. I mean he'd come out in the distance. We didn't always talked to Mike was but we always talked to him after Chanel. That's it really hit me that we won't be going back stage to talk to him ever again. I'll never have compensation two hundred and fifty one with Kellogg the same way. Yeah. I think I realized in that moment that that you know, we'd had that opportunity, and it was was never going to happen again. And I was starting to think back to our last conversation with him. And we we didn't get to talk to him in January because he didn't come to the show. So it was way back in October. At the Lachapelle show. So yeah, that was that was really sad. I think also the finalists of that at the end of the Chanel show the final because that was it. You know, the this a it's there's no way that he's going to rise on the seventh day emerge from the shallow dole rolled back. The stone on the shell adore. The the finality of makes you reflect on your own finality. And I think you could see for you could see for a lot of people being in the industry for a long time that that was. You know, suddenly, the permanent said that that that we feel the permanent depend minutes that we feel we thrive on in some weird way. Suddenly. Selected the same as the lives in every other part of the world..

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