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Yeah you know I think the he having you know like he resides in America now plays a ton of golf in America and he went to college for like five five seconds in America that I think he knows barstool better than we think he does. Fair I mean otherwise a key him seeing the original video and having his caddy. Go up the Frankie and then like knowing who we were and all that think. He's pretty into it. I think he listened to the show now too. Oh great so I think he has a pretty pretty good at what what the Hell's going on. Hey Fitz go good luck this week buddy go get him go get him fucking play. Play great out there Dubai. I've been to that golf course that they're playing in Dubai. Why I think you've told that story early on on the show? This is a weird thing man. It was like five years ago. Yeah I guess that's right twenty thirteen. I think it was like five or six years ago and A dating this girl and she worked for a consulting company so she would be unlike several week projects in different places around the world. She's on like a five week. Deal in and Dubai and she was like Hey My company will either fly me back as part of like when I'm on consulting or they'll pay for air quotes significant significant other to come out and visit cover the flights give you like per diem every day. That's Uber come out for a week. I was like fuck. Yeah I do so when I was out there. It happened that this tournament was in in town and you can get tickets for us. Gays European tour dot com your email address. They would just give you tickets. It's like Holy Shit. You're in Dubai come. It's like hitting me. Can you believe that I'm here or there and the guys would just walk right by and it's crazy you know. It's it's similar to some vegas courses where it's like this perfectly green manicured golf course with a river and a creek running through it and then you're just in the desert right We skyscrapers the background. And we're not very cool but I've been to the golf course The Burj Khalifa. The tallest I think at the time it was the tallest building in the world. I don't know if it still is. It is so tall. You couldn't get it in pictures if you couldn't get the whole thing. You legit couldn't do it. It was so surprisingly tall to see this thing. Look Birds I've seen it I've J. Khalifa like Mia and like who me porn-star now I know she fox on camera retired casualties. It's like just like you know what Beth thing up. It's just it's a stunning raise as I building. And then they've got the whole area. Around they got like they do kind of like the Bellagio with like the Fountain Fountain. Show every minute or every hour thirty minutes or something like that. So it's two thousand seven hundred and twenty two feet tall enough to put that in reference. It's a thousand feet taller than World Trade Center one. Why because that's one hundred? Yes I think you're right. Yeah again seeing. This thing is so surprised. Ler that's mind blowing. It looks fake when you see and realize wait. What does that so so So anyways that's going on European tour Only top five players in the standings the race to Dubai stains can win Burger. Tommy fleetwood Jon Rahm that crazy person. We talked about a lot Shane Lowery Matthew Fitzpatrick Roy came in at number six or just toffee can't win But it'll be there. He's performed very well golf course. He said that he could play this place. Blindfolded folded is one of his quotes in his interview this week play the golf course platform. WHO said that? I'm sorry Roy mcelroy Rodney Mack do it. What only maccarone friends who approve you betcha? He can't prove it. Roy that'd be great video Eh Do it and do it with us. Do you think he could beat US blindfolded via like a caddy pointing him and everything. Yup Hip could doubt in my mind. I'd hope not but yeah probably I'm just I'm just saying I don't know although like I don't know that blind guy can if he was lined up at of course that he knew where he said he said Yeah. I think he'd beat us. Took them outside. Hold it yeah I think yeah we did like a practice all feel like yeah but he. I think you are seeing like seeing where the ridge czar. Naw stuff like like not just a caddy being that you have to hit it. How many times is the caddy say? You have to get it over this bunker jonker and leave it to feed on Miss Green and he knows the course a knows that he's like one hundred and fifty two feet off the green is going to be. He's not gonNA the Green he's not going to be off the green that much hits the ball so perfectly from the fairway like yard. You gotta you gotTa just clear that bunker on the right like you gotta look at. Don't you just tell them the yardage I think he doesn't hit like Roy doesn't hit one hundred fifty seven yard field shot. He just. It's a fucking nine. He's a roach is what he does hit right on. I don't know man. I think it's crazy to think that he would play well without seeing the be real. Shame with us. That's what I play. Well I think he would beat US Yankees just one hundred twenty big. I disagree again. Still in the ballpark. You still in the ballpark taken a Jimmy. I think he shoots like a high ninety or a hundred might be like like. What are we talking about Brad? Ninety three it's a no brainer. I think he could. I think you could play pretty well we might have to. We don't have contact with Roy we might jt. He might be. You GotTa get this question. Why should play blindfolded if he rips the I want you to let go? But that's a problem he would he would hit a lot of fairways and Greens. But I think like the Obviously the PUTTY and getting the ball in the hole be a battle getting the ball in the hole downright impossible. You can't sit but he's just like dude you're lined up perfectly and you have to hit like like a two foot. PUTT so hard. Yeah can't see harder for sure you know where you're going but the blind guy but you do you have academies really well right go. He's used to those circumstances but being blind. That's the here's a Roy wasn't allowed to practice. And you just have to the first thing. You put a blindfold on. It's his first time doing in it. I don't think he ever I'm thinking finished eighteen holes. It'd be I think he does really yes. Come on man to he just takeaways visual king. He's just build this perfect muscle memory. Swing step at the nursery has no idea what's about to happen and US. Put a blindfold on and Frankie on that swing ever blindfold. I don't think in a way that doesn't make it interesting. Like fucking like I don't know speed would look at the whole and then sometimes like on the putts and this now he would mix it even more so like seeing where your target is. But he's not looking at your taking away. What Rory does right when you look at the whole? You're taking away. What Rory does which he looks at the ball yeah? I don't think why does seem if we we've up on. The team were like blindfolded. He first of all be like what's happening and then second. I would rather you be if you buy bulletin. He hit three hundred thirty yard. Missile right down. The Middle Muscle memory is huge. That's what they're doing built on you. It's less about vision and more about being able to do the same thing over and over and over appreciate your vision for all. It's definitely part of it. For what for everything. No you mean like the ball and getting that field and then seeing that and like you're staring at the the ball the whole time you hit it I think taking that away and him missing by a sixteen centimeter or whatever. The CASE IS I. There would be an adjustment period. I don't disagree with that but I think once he's like all right. This is what it's like. This is what I have to do. I think he's seventy percent Roy mcelroy. He's looked down at the goal. That white golf false sitting on a T. millions of times. What's the difference between one and the other like nothing so like that is not a circumstances? Don't matter it's like muscle memory that's based on his vision of seeing the ball and then having swing that combines his vision with his athleticism half of that is gone. I think first time there's and why is it just changes it and looks at the whole. He's not looking at the ball it's not like he missed it so the berries something practices. It's like his. I think that's the worst now now. And it's the worst comparison the world and it's something does it's like what he chooses to do. I think fulls looks but what I'm saying is you're saying he's abandoning the one thing that we're telling Rory's going to abandon which is like looking at the ball. He's abandoning he's still able to drain ending looking at the ball and looking at the whole Roy looks at the hall to see where he's going to put speed. No I'm I'm saying right now. Rory look at the ball and looks at the whole. We're telling them you can't do either of it. Speed looks at the ball then looks at the whole and Putts. The ball is no comparison at all. Yes there is because it's not like he's meeting the same as Roy. Bean blindfold is because the argument that he's making is that like all of your coordination and all that stuff goes away and you fail because you're not looking at the ball like usually do what I'm saying is like speak doesn't look at the ball and some of his putts and he just not miss hitting the pipe straight like you usually do is the key word. He's saying speed usually looks. The whole issue is what he does. If you took away that from speed usually does he mix it up sometimes just looks practice. He'd rather be a little bit of learning curve. But I think if you took that out Roy wouldn't just just be like a fucking baby deer like who doesn't wanNA walk like he'd be fired I think he'd be able to his muscle. Memory is coordination all that still there. He knows what it looks like the look down at a golf ball. And and he can just envision Asia and his Ed in muscle memory of what like like not only on the whole. How's it going nowhere? The Guy just tells them they're talking ten. It's like a ten foot. Putt you gotta hit it six. I just it'd be super interesting. I'm not just I I. I'm a little bit on both sides of it now but I I think full swings are different different. Also when you're talking about speech when he doesn't look like Dole full swings there's a lot more going on than when you're much more going on I think the full swing is where he would have the least issue really. Yes because has the putter you're keeping like level and on that same like the plane is much flatter the plane when you're obviously full swing is. There's just so much more we're going on that. I truly amazed. He's not looking at the plane of his swing when he swings. He can switch looking at the ball which is keeping his whole body level in my eyes. But maybe that's wrong. I I don't know weed. Nobody knows why we're talking chunk. So many balls. He hit the ball so often he wouldn't he just I. The first swing would say a a lot but I guess like so do we. And he's still way better than we are. I think he'd beat us. I don't even. I don't even think it's close. I'm with you I I I ultra. Yeah if you give any of these guys anytime practice obviously they. They're elite. I mean they have just as a normal range on you have to just to make Italy's little and then you give them twenty minutes warm up rain session and you're putting revision. Jesus Christ you take vision and he just shoots eighty five like he's just it's crazy to me at love..

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