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Dna sample over and over and over overly long period of time it's such a tetra and then exactly at the time is that we invoked to this entity and it wasn't the time archangel michael the conductivity shot up four hundred percent and then one that and he was gone it did when down so we were able and also the frequencies changed completely and so that's that's how we were able to to have measurable results that correlated with the presence of a non him an amnesty meaning an angel or what have you so this is what we've done in the foot but was there was like a blind us where you would just have somebody who i'm have experience a good sir talking about him visualize having one of these things near them and see if they would have the same the sexual impact in the same type of a miserable changes yeah who what happened was for it could this film uh we i i i was the only one who did it because i mean we just made up the experiment could we didn't it has it had never been done before and so what we did is we measured the dna sample at rest so to speak without any contact with with anything for a long period of time and we correlated with with the uh he uh kind of a data base of similar samples and over a long period of time so that's kind of what that was our control so to speak and then i came in and i did this experiment with and had does significant results for the sake of this film this was the only experiment that we dead but because we had such a strong correlation exactly at the time um of this in vocation the scientists dr glenn ryan he was also blown away you like wow and what happens is uh i don't know if you you know but in the scientific experiments you would uh do twenty minutes aren't twenty minutes off twenty minutes on twenty minutes meaning the eu correlate when you are invoking this energy on what happens and then when you're not what happens over and over and over and over and over and then you see if there is a uh a real correlation or not so that's how we did it um and we did find.

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