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Billy holiday, and I cover the waterfront the Sheikh of Arab E R Tatum. The song book on WNYC want to note the birthday anniversary of Johnny Guarneri. Boy, did he make a keyboard do things it didn't know it could do there is a merging of classical and jazz under Guan Yaris touch for in his touch that is absolutely unique. He was able to get into instruments like the harpsichord and make them swing this as much Scarlatti as there is swing in the record. You're about to hear Johnny Guarneri. Joining the wonderful pickup or combo group. Small combo group that broke away from the Artie Shaw orchestra known as the Gramercy five. Here is summit ridge drive. There's your classy jazz birthday anniversary for the great keyboardist. Johnny Guarneri joining Artie Shaw and the Gramercy five summit ridge drive nineteen forty. They had no GPS back. Then if you got lost looking for summit ridge drive in the Hollywood hills. Good luck pal the songbook on WNYC with Paul Cavalcanti. This week on the media after Christ's church a debate about how to understand evil without spreading evil. Archivists of hate groups argue it is possible if they're internal messages get exposed and it shows how they're trying to manipulate people into buying into what they're selling. It makes them look weaker. This this week's on the media from WNYC tomorrow morning at ten on ninety three.

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