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The day off Amanda factor near the top stories from the come twenty four seven new center if you plan to drive me to Seattle from the south sound this weekend you might want to reconsider almost Brian Calvert tells a busy stretch of five five will be partially closed busy is an understatement we have more than a hundred thousand cars a day is northbound I. five at the two reverberated Tom to use with the state department of transportation explains why are four oh five high five minutes are five eighteen all kind of bird within about a mile of this area last month an expansion joint broke on the Duwamish river bridge this weekend it's temporary repair will be made more permanent that means northbound I. five through Tukwila we'll be down to the two right lanes only keep that in mind especially on Sunday knowing that there was a Seahawks game we chose to work on the left side which keeps are rightly though but that's going to allow people to jump off on the five ninety nine which a lot of people still use anyway as the background into the stadium Brian Calvert komo news the final section of the Alaskan way viaduct along the Seattle waterfront could come down as early as tomorrow one section of the double deck at Merion street is all that still standing Qusay the new pedestrian bridge to Coleman dock makes a great viewing platform if you want to say goodbye to the viaduct one last time. big changes are coming for the Fairview Avenue bridge starting Monday the road will be closed for a year and a half crews will completely rebuild the aging a wooden bridge which doesn't make current seismic standards disclosure will be a major change for people getting between south lake union at east lake at Seattle's nearing a vote on adding a second bridge over the motley cut Kamel's Joe Marino has the update state DOT said adding a second drawbridge will mean more lanes and less congestion but neighbors say it's a mistake. got a wide. it's like taking a tiny little. we're going to fix all of this to homes would have to be torn down but cost is the bigger issue thank years ago they estimates were somewhere north of eighty million dollars washed out has one point six billion dollars to finish for projects on the five twenty corridor which includes a second bridge across the Montlake cut now city leaders will vote on whether to endorse that bridge they're.

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