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Right now from the WGN TV newsroom. Thank you Benjamin. Or y'all as they say down south, and he means south the seventy ninth street. All right. Let's. Let's talk about what's happening here in the band trial. Pretty interesting opening arguments. Yeah. Fascinating. Right. Dan. Herbert Jason Vendex attorney summed it up by saying if the decision for this officer to shoot was lawful there is no crime. He's trying to make it very simple, right? If you're a police officer either you have the right to use deadly force or you don't doesn't matter. How many shots were fired? Doesn't matter. Other extenuating circumstances. He's trying to say if this officer was correct if you're for his life, and who can say whether he feared for his life other than the officer himself, the shooting was justified. There's no crime. Well, you can make that argument for any police shooting. And and that's the I think the burden here is really going to be on the defenses. I watch us today. I get the sense of how you need to structure this, and yeah, you're right bend at that. They're trying to make the argument that this was a justifiable shooting in terms of the the first shots, the prosecution in this case, very interesting opening argument because the guy who was doing the prosecution guys doing the opening argument the lead prosecutor in this case is the King County state's attorney Cook County has has recused itself. From this case, he was he got it there. And he talked about the fact that you know, he goes it wasn't just the one or two or three shots down. It was four five and six and he goes through the whole sixteen sixteen. So I think that that's. That's going to be very compelling for this jury. But on the other hand, you got police officers who were showing up and saying. Yeah. Well, you know, we're following this guy for a long time. The argument that you're seeing laid out by the defense is that lukewarm McDonnell have been on a rampage for hours and hours prior to this fatal moment. Breaking it trucks. Slashing tires. He stabbed a police car. Right. He this is something that is important right in the last moments here there were police following him. They were staying behind him. He had a knife in his hand. They weren't they weren't trying to wrestle him to the ground because he had a knife and police officers had their guns drawn they were following them in a car and some of them were falling on foot and at one point a car stop. He turned to the car police car he stabbed the tire and then stabbed the windshield of the car. And then he turns and runs away and you see the running away. That's where the video starts that we've seen so commonly here describe something either something new that I heard today, Ben. And I wonder if it was new to the defense talked about how Lochlann McDonnell was running toward a Dunkin donuts in the area with the knife in his hand, and then Van Dyke the officer moved to block his path hit cut him off cut him off with his squad car because at this point Donald was planning to attack. Those are facts I had not heard before we know that there's a Burger King in Dunkin donuts in that area. And the officers were attempting to corral, essentially, Liquan McDonald. At the time. And you're right. I hadn't heard that specific detail before, but the other factors. The prosecutors are bringing up is that there were other officers on the scene, including the officers who were in the car whose tires Lequan McDonald's, slashed, and none of them felt threatened to the point to fire. Yes, they had pulled their guns, but none of them felt threatened. And that's what you're seeing these first couple of witnesses. We're we're about six or eight witnesses in and they're trying to establish the actual threat to not only Jason Van Dyke, but to the other people because there were there were a few bystanders in that area as well. I think that's what the defense is trying to do with the opposite with the Dunkin donuts, maybe he was rushing to the Dunkin donuts to try to do harm. They're they're trying to create that reverse narrative. Right. But she had one officer testified today that they were trying to be patient. His words with McDonald's radio asking for a unit with a taser to arrive, and they described essentially trying to stall the Quan McDonald trying to wait for that teaser to arrive. So they can take him down without two deadly firing on right? And that's the they needed. Listen. The fact of the matter is they weren't going to just turn around and go. Okay. That's fine. He'd been menacing people. He there was an attempted burglary as part of his nine one one chain that was coming in and then police dispatch chain of communication that he was involved with. And again, this is this is just in the minutes leading up to it. And then he and then they they knew they had them damn corral. Please we're going to leave him. Mm along they were going to go. All right. That's it. We just gotta go here. He's got a knife. Got a knife. Right. Wants the police to respond to these types of situations. Correct. The other way, right? I think as we've talked about you really have to trials here you've got the legal charges against Jason Van Dyke. But then you've got the public scrutiny on trial. You've got the Chicago police department and its practices on trial in the court of public opinion. And, you know, a couple of interesting details that might not make themselves into the coverage of this case, but has been talked about in that is, you know, video dash Cam video that doesn't record. You've got a couple of camera angles on this shooting that one of the cameras was out of memory, another one. There was a glitch. There was a a sergeant who testified today saying, oh, well, how come there is an audio? Well, it's because the batteries were put in backwards in one case the microphones at the officers are supposed to wear put in the glove box. And then you you had more testimony after Kwan McDonald was shot that officers kicked the knife away. But didn't immediately render aid. It was actually a Cook County sheriff's officer who hit come upon the scene who who went over and heard Liquan McDonald's, essentially final breaths, right? Right. And that's you wonder because this video has been played dozens of times today in this courtroom. And you do wonder what the the effect on the jury is watching that over and over and over again does it have a dulling effect to agitating effect? There are a lot of questions here. It's it is. But I think it's important for and one of the reasons we're going to follow this thoroughly as we are. It's really important for Chicago to be aware of exactly what happens in this courtroom. And that there is a very robust record of of exactly what this is. Because the because people are going to take from it what they will. And even the headlines of this depending on an hour by hour headlines can can lead you in directions in which the court case isn't necessarily going. So we'll we'll continue to watch it. All right, then we'll see you tonight four or five six nine and ten on the WGN news. Thank you, sir. Ben bradlee the WGN TV news reminder. We're gonna pick up crtv here in just a few minutes and continue on with the discussion of the. Jason Van Dyke trial going on today. Opening arguments and witnesses today in the trial of Jason Van Dyke at twenty six in California. We'll get to all of that. But I got the news into. Yep. You guessed it. I'm a speed.

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