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And makeup and get ready for the shoot and That's you know, that's what we did. However, however, I've got this key to the city of New York and I will tell you there was a lot of celebrating that day, although I had to go back to work at the end of getting that key, But as I went around to different restaurants, Um uh, I took my crew to lunch at 21 to celebrate. They've been with me. You know, from from the beginning to and, uh You know the waiters. They were set. Well, the managements and over champagne. The waiters were singing. I went to serendipity with my daughter and all the waiters upstairs and down. We're around singing. Congratulations. I was In the car, finally going home in the back seat of my car, and we stopped at a traffic late on Madison Avenue and A big truck of New York City. Firemen pulled up next to me how they looked down and saw that I was in there, but this whole truck of New York City fireman lean down to me and gave me the biggest sums up and the victory and hey, so That was there was something you know, you know the story about Meryl Streep leaving her Oscar in the ladies' room. No Meryl Streep, who has won 7000 Oscars, probably more than any other human being alive. Once was given an Oscar and she went into the can, as everybody does, because, after a few champagnes worlds, you're going to go so she left her Oscar in the Can. She left it in the ladies' room and went home and they had to finally finally find her and give it to her. I'm sure you didn't leave yours in the camp. Did you can I did not sure Did you carry with you? Do they give it to you? In your in your hand. I never won an award Do do they give it to you in your hand? Gosh. Uh um, What they did eventually had to go back to them so that they could engrave it, But then they got it right back to me. But when I was asked to do a lot of interviews after that, everybody wanted me to bring my Emmy And so it did travel with me for a while, Uh, you know, and people wanted to hold it and they wanted to see what it looked like and What do you carry it in plastic? I had a canvas. You know, back then I would like a carry on. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. You have also done. Well, I am I not right. Did you not also do Broadway? Susan? I did. That was one of the wonderful things that happened soon after winning the army of so when the M E in May, and in January I made my Broadway debut in Annie, Get your gun. Uh, Bernadette Peters. Won the Tony and a Grammy for that as well. She should have. But I got to be the first one to go in after Bernadette Peters, and that was a thrill of a lifetime. A thrill of a lifetime. Way to go in. What do you What did you know about singing? Only that I like to sing. I had had no formal training at all. But I knew I could think I just didn't know if I was good enough. And so, um Had I had worked with Marvin Hamlisch. I had, uh, done some appearances with Marvin on stage and concert halls around the country, and, uh, he had said to me if I ever needed him that I should just call him. And when the Wastler's Barry at Fran Weissler, the producers of Annie, get your gun offered me this part. I Wanted to sing for them. I wanted them to know what they were getting into. And I wanted to know that I could do it. I had been a little girl in Broadway audiences and I knew there would be kids and I didn't want people to just watch need play Annie Oakley and think. Oh, yeah, This is a stunt casting. Yeah, this this is you know, girls would have their dreams. So, um, anyway, so Was to share to call Marvin My husband was not too shy. I went to Marvin's apartment one Sunday night and rang his bell. Scariest thing I had done and he was a dull he turned, you know, he was just a doll and he listen to me sing and he said, Oh, you could do this. You can do this. Okay? You know what I have to do? They are going to kill me and fire me if I don't stop And do and, uh what do I have to do now? I'm the station break commercial, right? So that takes care of your entire career. Susan. There we are. I love you. Help Call you later. Okay. Thank you. Bye. Bye. Have you started developing.

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