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Doesn't necessarily league like bring us to a certain kind of Conclusion politically but it was. It was nice to see verse. That is very aware of what's happening. Not just in like a celebrity superstar status but what it feels like for the average person that is going through like the things we are now and that was really dope and and the way he like put. Those words together was amazing. Lake his use of metaphors and stuff like i. There weren't any like crazy double entendre or something but really suited him. Well like it showed him why. He's such a legendary status in the game I out almost a cheesy kind of feel from it did it. It flowed really nicely and again a lot of a lot of substance. And i exactly like His flow always reminded me of a ghost's face or meek mill like that very energetic high flow he had and the way he wrote his lyrics reminded me a lot of like prime jay z. About how like you know how jaycee always throws in this kind of like a pop culture and something like like some real shit into his lyrics you know not just like wordplay or talk about dealing coke but he actually talks about. The hottest kind of issues of the day was lyrics. Alpay is not that d. most of the time but he does it in a very witty way. And that's what did here. So if you're a fan of dynamic duo or if you just want to like really know what that cipher meant. I suggest you look up. The translations like pago is always there. Google translate is there too so at definitely like oh look at the lyrics for yourself like that's why people are so head over heels in korea biochemicals verse and granted like cocoa's be wasn't that amazing like he always did what he always did. It's a colquhoun's beast. you know. Yeah like it. Just feels like a cocoa speed. But it's it's far from his best b but for sure like that kind of subdued atmosphere. I think really highlighted what geico was doing on that track because if like the b was too extravagant or two layer like the message would probably not flown across for sure. You know like like especially with that kind of heavy east coast style of hard ass rhyming like most of the time. If you look at east coast records the great thing about it is the beat is not that what do you call it in your face. Unlike this other stuff and the west coast stuff like that kind of it gives the rapper. Like room to breathe. You know For show yeah. And i think in hip hop The balance between a beat and the rappers very important like exactly in the age of playboy cardi maybe the lot the artist kind of lost in a sense. But it's great to hear like a rapper really taking presence on a track and yeah for that to happen the producer kind of sometimes hash to kind of laid back a little. You know for sure a here. Yeah exactly. I think that was one of the big highlights but for me personally. I love the slow. Men's i on t. one again i. I really love the way. slome composes. His beats it's it's very subtle it's grounded but at the same time there is this mainstream field to his beats and.

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