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Seven seven four or five six two seven eight nine eight seven seven four or five six two seven eight nine per cruise hearing system systems and please let them know john mccoll ascension now on time traffic and weather on the patriot milford road northbound before pontiac trail and acts that traffic is backing up to an onto i ninety six i 696 westbound at bermuda mark accident right shoulder i ninety six westbound at nova i wrote an accident out right shoulder and ninety six westbound after wixom road accident on the right shoulder as well 21 mile westbound after card wrote an ax the working heinz dry and between outer drive in ann arbor trail has closed due to flooding i 75 northbound between liver annoying vasser bridge we have heavy traffic there and i 75 northbound between kanaphan fourteen mile heavy seventy five north bomb between lapierre road and jocelyn road heavy traffic as well checking your weather forecast tonight a chance of rain and snow showers before seven p m mostly cloudy with low around 25 wednesday mostly cloudy with a high near thirty wednesday night mostly cloudy a low around twenty one right now thirty three degrees i'm kevin sanders and on the patriot fm one on one point five and am fourteen hunt german james production sarah hunt for the hungry along with salem radio present without wall was as an unforgettable event features renowned pastor author antiterror dr tony evan this what we week the law.

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