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Draw was made today for the quarter-finals the FA Cup Sheffield United Against Newcastle. Will play host manages the city nor at city will take the winners of Dhabi against Manchester United that game of course tomorrow and it's less against Chelsea now. These was supposed to be the Italian fictious. That were taking place. We can suggestions that could change Gap Markazi with us to the latest cab. I feel like I'll see this on every show now but what's going on. Well we do have an answer. Now in the sense that the government took over and ultimately their the ultimate authority and they said for the next month until April third. All outdoor sporting events are to be played behind closed doors in other words with with no fans in attendance and the League reacted to it by saying okay. Fine you know. We're not going to postpone any games. We're going to go ahead this weekend with effectively last week's scheduled so you've anxious against Inter will be played on Sunday night as was supposed to happen a week ago. Gab. Obviously we've seen it's affected well one of the most. All the countries have had the corona virus. They set a precedent. Now what we could see other leagues around Europe. Well certainly I mean the Premier League they had A. They had a talk on Monday about you know how they're going to handle this. Should the situation degenerate an in England as well the intention the contingency plan in the primarily will be also to play behind closed doors? Postponing fixtures is really difficult to do with with European Championships of course coming up in the summer. It's difficult to do because you don't know when these restrictions could end create sort of a very unbalanced fixture list of league table because some teams have played more games others fewer games so that seems to be the consensus way to go. Should the authorities decided that it is warranted more closely? Uf are still monitoring the situation in terms of their ties. There is also the possibility that locally things could change Valencia for example. Set the player that onto next week. The local authority Valencia has suggested that game could be played behind closed doors as well on.

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