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Our program the benefit provides direct financial assistance to purchase healthy foods for families with children who would have received free and reduced price meals if not for school closures due to Kobe nineteen the payment supplement the more than thirteen hundred district grab and go meal sites households directly receive five dollars and seventy cents per child per school day for the duration of school closures announced about twenty eight fifty per week per child it also brings more than a hundred million dollars into the Commonwealth economy supporting our local grocery stores are datas are corner stores and their employees destin local school districts are collecting the necessary data in GTA is actually issuing the benefits to families obviously existing DJ client households with eligible school children will receive the benefits on the currently be T. cards but it was the families who have not previously been known to DTA that we need to reach out to so these families will receive eight will receive a unique PBT card and notices planning the program and how to use the card households residing in districts to provide universal school meals will be automatically enrolled this includes some families who are over the income limit for snacks nutritional national school lunch programs no families obligated to use the card and they're instructed to destroy the card should they not wish to participate in the program during this public health and economic crisis families were previously over income eligible eligibility limits may have lost income sources and need this critical financial support to purchase food and nutritional food for their family we are working closely with the Shah foundation and project bread to market to market and communicate about P. E. T. the shock foundation is developing that outreach materials to promote the program to families and familiar with GTA and EBT cards the shop foundations also creating an external website the house all the information on this program and project read the very important partner for us is assisting with drafting materials and conducting outreach to schools and all of our food banks and other partners it's one of a number of resources are trying to make available to ensure that families have the resources they need for food security for their families and on that matter as you know we announced that the command center will launch of food security task force today actually marks the first their first meeting includes membership from state agencies the legislature and other partners including the lake the greater Boston food bank project.

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