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The German government says greenhouse gas emissions in Europe's biggest economy fell four point two percent. In two thousand eighteen the first major decrease in four years estimates by the environment ministry show, Germany released the equivalent of eight hundred sixty eight point seven million metric tons of carbon dioxide last year, thirty eight million less than two thousand seventeen environment ministers, then just show said Germany benefited from two thousand eighteen warm and sunny weather, which increased production of renewable energy and reduce the need for heating fuel Germany's emissions last year were about thirty point six percent lower than in nineteen ninety correspondent Jeremy house ads that Germany's cabinets debating a Bill that could start legally binding emissions goals for each sector of the economy gas prices here at home rose again up forty seven cents over the past three months up twelve cents in the last two weeks average to seventy eight more at townhall dot com. Kyle Busch passed his older brother Kurt on the final restart win. This afternoon's NASCAR race at Bristol Motor Speedway. Busch. Brothers were first in line not to pit for tyres. During the eleventh caution to set up a final shootout between Bristol's to winning us. Act of drivers Kyle thought the best way to win was to stay out late. I've seen it work more times than not when the guy's stay out. You have a better opportunity to be able to go for the win. So you know, it it kind of fell into our hands there being able to lead the restart being able to get Kurt not spend his tires and get up second. You know, good run for us wish brothers. They won't come onto its the eighth. Bristol victory for Kyle who prevented Kurt from getting his seventh on the half mile oval, Kurt lamented over the PA system that he should have wrecked out his brother for the win. Joey Logano finished third in race. Followed by Ryan Blaney. Denny hamlin. Paul Menard and Clint Boyer. Check out. More of these stories at townhall dot com. I'm Rhonda rockstar. What's going on everybody another round to craft beer cast on AM nine seventy the answer. One of my favorite favorite. Cure songs. Friday. I'm in love. I am so excited that the cure.

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